Trống Điện Roland VAD706 V-Drums Acoustic Design

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Màu: Gloss Cherry

Trống Điện Roland VAD706 V-Drums Acoustic Design. (Chưa bao gồm pedal kick, chân snare, chân hi-hat) Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo của trống acoustic và điện tử. VAD706 mang đến trải nghiệm đánh trống điện tử chưa từng có trước...

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    - Các tỉnh thành khác trên cả nước: Thời gian giao hàng từ 01 đến 03 ngày.
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Trống Điện Roland VAD706 V-Drums Acoustic Design.

(Chưa bao gồm pedal kick, chân snare, chân hi-hat)

Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo của trống acoustic và điện tử.

VAD706 mang đến trải nghiệm đánh trống điện tử chưa từng có trước đây, kết hợp công nghệ V-Drums hàng đầu của Roland với các chi tiết thủ công của trống acoustic cao cấp. VAD706 có các miếng đệm snare, ride và hi-hat kỹ thuật số mang lại khả năng chơi cực kỳ chi tiết. Mô-đun TD-50X thế hệ mới cung cấp âm sắc, cảm giác và phản hồi chưa từng có, kết hợp với các công cụ chỉnh sửa chuyên sâu để cá nhân hóa hoàn toàn âm thanh của bạn và khả năng kết nối chuyên nghiệp để đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu. Vỏ trống bằng gỗ có kích thước đầy đủ như trống acoustic, với hệ thống cảm biến tiên tiến mang lại cảm giác âm thanh chân thực. Và với bốn màu sắc bắt mắt, bạn có thể chọn màu phù hợp với phong cách và sở thích cá nhân của mình.

V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706 Performance

VAD706 đưa trống điện tử đến những nơi chưa từng đến, kết hợp công nghệ V-Drums hàng đầu của Roland với chi tiết thủ công của trống acoustic cao cấp. Trải nghiệm âm thanh đẳng cấp thế giới và vẻ ngoài ấn tượng của VAD706 dành cho biểu diễn sân khấu.

V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706 Overview

Explore the VAD706 with a deep dive into its pads, cymbals, and powerhouse TD-50X sound module. Get the inside story on how the unique sonic characteristics of the VAD706 provide such a stellar drumming experience.

V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706 Kit Examples

Hear a wide selection of ready-to-play preset kits from the VAD706. Covering both classic and contemporary genres, let the sounds from this expressive electronic kit inspire your drumming.

Immerse Yourself in a Premium Drumming Experience

The VAD706 not only sounds and feels great—it’s also beautiful to behold. With its full-size shells, two-piece hi-hat, large cymbals, double-braced chrome stands, and choice of four gorgeous shell finishes, this premium kit has a presence that makes you want to drum all day and show it off to everyone. Choose from Gloss Natural, Gloss Cherry, or Gloss Ebony finishes, which offer an artisan look with stained maple veneers and transparent gloss coats. Or make a statement with the deep Pearl White finish and its bold, attention-grabbing vibe.

Prismatic Sound Modeling: Feel the Difference

The Prismatic Sound Modeling in the TD-50X makes electronic drums come to life like no other system can, infusing multi-layer samples recorded in world-class studios with sophisticated behavior modeling techniques refined over more than two decades. Inspired by a prism—which refracts a single ray of light into every color in the spectrum—our revolutionary approach produces an unlimited array of sonic colors with every stick hit. The initial attack is followed by a complex mix of rich overtones, just like playing acoustic drums and cymbals. You can feel the sound changing in reaction to your expression, creating that magical, interactive bond that fully immerses you in the emotion of the moment. From subtle ghost notes and detailed articulations to the loudest and most intense playing, your drumming has no boundaries with the TD-50X.

Digital Snare, Ride, and Hi-Hat

Our groundbreaking digital pad technology is a major leap forward in electronic drumming, putting unmatched depth and dimension under your sticks. Precision multi-sensors in the snare, ride, and hi-hat pads work in complete harmony with the TD-50X module, capturing every nuance with incredible definition and detail. Lightning-fast detection enables you to play all your natural acoustic techniques, such as muting the ride with a finger touch or switching seamlessly between head, rimshot, and cross stick playing on the snare. And the VH-14D takes electronic hi-hat playing to new heights, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution never before available—until now.

The Natural Feel of Acoustic Drums

The VAD706 features Roland’s famous multi-ply mesh heads, with three-layer heads on the snare and floor tom and two-layer heads on the rack toms providing natural stick resistance and rebound that’s customizable for your individual playing style. Burying the beater into the specially designed kick drum is completely satisfying, thanks to physical air resistance that feels just like playing an acoustic kick. The organic experience extends to the toms as well, with the real wood shells and traditional mounts providing a feel that’s uncannily acoustic in nature.

Instant Gratification

Imagine acoustic drums that are set up, mic’d, processed, and mixed in a world-class studio—that’s what you get when you call up a preset on the TD-50X module. Developed with top drummers and recording engineers, these inspiring kits let you take on any style at the touch of a button, from traditional jazz to full-throttle metal.

Build Your Signature Drum Kit

Going beyond the presets, the TD-50X allows you to customize your sound at every level—just as you would with an acoustic kit. Make quick adjustments to tuning and muffling, or dive deep and build a kit from the ground up by selecting shell depths, drumhead types, cymbal characteristics, and much more. Then put the kit in the space of your choice using PureAcoustic Ambience, with full control of room type, reverberation, and other parameters at your fingertips.

Craft Your Sound with Studio Precision

After you’ve tweaked the details of your kit, make it fully come alive with the TD-50X’s impressive array of studio tools. Adjust mic settings for various kit elements, then dial in sounds with equalizers, compressors, and other processing. And for spaciousness and color, tap into the wide selection of high-quality reverbs and multi-effects.

Powerful Connectivity for Stage and Studio

With a rear panel loaded with connectivity, the TD-50X module is ready to take on the practical needs of any playing situation. Stereo XLR master outs and eight TRS direct outs allow you to send any drums you like to an audio console via balanced connections. For computer-based music production, you have the ability to send up to 32 channels of digital audio over USB for premium-quality transfer. MIDI I/O is also supported over USB and traditional five-pin connectors.

Expand Your Options

Using the TD-50X module’s four auxiliary analog trigger inputs, you can easily expand the VAD706 as your needs grow. Augment your setup with more cymbal pads, another floor tom, or a small trigger pad like the Roland BT-1. Or double up by adding an additional kick drum for maximum stage impact.

Your Personal Practice Partner

The TD-50X module is filled with features to develop your technique and make practice sessions fun and rewarding. Improve your timing with the built-in metronome and Coach mode exercises, or simply jam along with music played from a smartphone or laptop. The onboard recorder lets you capture and review your playing at any time, complete with the ability to export audio (with or without backing music) for sharing with others. And you can extend your practice even further with Melodics™, a free desktop app that comes with 40 lessons, plus unlimited access via a subscription when you’re ready for more.

Grow Your Sound Palette with Roland Cloud

Roland Cloud unlocks an expanding collection of premium V-Drums kits and curated samples to further inspire your music. To get a taste of what’s available, go to the Downloads tab and grab the TD-50X Free Kits. If you like what you hear, install Roland Cloud Manager on your computer and create a free Roland Account. Next, download the free TD-50X Session Collection 01 via Roland Cloud Manager and install it into your module. If you choose to join up for membership, you’ll have access to existing content and new releases the moment they arrive.

Thông số chi tiết Trống Điện Roland VAD706 V-Drums Acoustic Design.

Kit configuration:

Drum sound module: TD-50X x 1

Snare: PD-140DS x 1

Tom 1: PDA100 x 1

Tom 2: PDA120 x 1

Tom 3: PDA140F x 1

Hi-hat: VH-14D x 1

Crash1, Crash2: CY-16R-T x 2

Ride: CY-18DR x 1

Kick: KD-222 x 1

Stand Set: DTS-30S (DCS-30 x2 + DBS-30 x1 + PDS-20 x1)

Extra trigger input jack: 5 (TOM 4, AUX 1 - AUX 4)

Note: Kick pedal, snare stand, hi-hat stand are not included.

Accessories: Setup guide

Dimensions: 1,950 (W) x 1,500 (D) x 1,250 (H) mm

Weight: 62 kg

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