Roland TD-17KV2 . Electric Drum

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Trống Điện Roland TD-17KV2 - Việt Music
Roland TD-17KV2 . Electric Drum
Regular price 38.900.000₫
Sale price 41.860.000₫

The Roland TD17KV2 Electric Drum is an upgraded version from the Roland TD-17KV model that has been "looked at" by many semi-professional drummers and always wants to own a great, genuine, quality branded drum set. Roland.

(Product does not include Pedal Kick)

With Roland TD-17KV2 – Be a real drummer.

For us, the TD17-KV2 is the most affordable way to experience Roland's acclaimed TD-17 V-Drum series. Built around the upgraded TD-17 module, this highly expressive drum set is perfect for small spaces in your room. With a 10-inch Hi-hat cymbal and rack-mounted tom, it's the ideal drum set for rooms or small spaces, and once you've played the drums, the Roland TD-17KV2 will help with your technique and expression. shine, powered by inspirational training tools to propel you further on your path to professional drumming.

Roland TD17KV2

The improved sound design on the TD-17 with a 12-inch mesh-head snare, and a thinner, developed cymbal delivers a premium experience almost as if you were playing on a traditional acoustic mechanical drum kit. Meanwhile, a host of built-in coaching functions track your playing technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation every day. Roland TD-17KV2, the journey to becoming a better drummer is quicker than you imagine.

How to make an electronic drum kit play like an acoustic kit

If you regularly play mechanical drums (acoustic drums), you don't need to change your style with an electronic drum kit. The Roland TD-17 allows you to use similar sounding techniques, thanks to a large 12-inch snare drum design and a natural-feeling Hi-hat* mounted on a hi-hat stand (product). This is purchased separately, not included in the drum set). And with the onboard kit integration, you'll experience the character and authentic sound of acoustic drums with lightning-fast response.

*VH-10 V-Hi-hat is only compatible with model TD-17KVX2

Drum Pads for a fun-filled playing experience

The Roland TD-17KV2 and TD-17KVX2 come with enhanced snare faces and cymbal pads for even more authentic drumming. The 12-inch Snare PDX-12 and 10-inch PDX-8 tom drums feature tension-adjustable mesh heads to customize the response of the sound and the impact of the drumsticks when percussion. Additionally, the PDX-12 snare has an outer rim width for more open-angle shots. Both models also include the newly developed slim V-Cymbal that attaches to the stand using a special shaft, providing sonic-style swing and club response when played.

Hi-hat techniques used with the stand are more ideal

The Roland TD-17KV2 does not come with the VH-10 V-Hi-hat, using a floating design of a cymbal mounted on a Hi-hat stand.

Great sound for your performance

The Roland TD-17 offers a superior drumming experience thanks to the advanced Prismatic Sound sound modeling developed on the available boards. Just like acoustic drums, you can play with wide dynamic range and dramatic tonal changes depending on where and how much you tap on the pad. From the rimshots, flams and heel notes on the snare to the natural hi-hat transitions, the bumps from the crash leaves, the cymbals, and more, every nuance is detailed, precise, and incredibly smooth. .

Quieter with Kich Drum

A nice kick drum usually comes with a loud and beautiful sound. Sometimes that's exactly what you want, but your neighbors probably don't want that much fuss. The Kick Pad KD-10 absorbs most of the noise from impact thanks to carefully crafted rubber components and cushions, while still retaining the acoustic kick drum sound that 'bangs' when a strong force is applied from the kick drum. The hammerhead of the kick pedal exerts a force. In addition to noise reduction, flexible design, it is compatible with all standard single or double kick pedals.

Quieter with Kich Drum

Slimmer, lower profile cymbal

All cymbals in the TD-17 series have a slimmer profile than previous generations, which provides more natural movement and an improved bar feel. Each cymbal is closed by touching the edge (something you would normally do with a mechanical drum by reducing the sound when you hit the cymbal by touching it with your hand). The 14-inch CY-14R-T ride cymbal even includes a three-way trigger with independent sound for three positions (edge/bow/bell)

Slimmer, lower profile cymbal

Join the band without challenge

While it's undeniably fun to play drum solos, it's going to take a lot of time. With the Roland TD-17 you can enhance your drumming even further by playing with your own favorite bands. Stream music wirelessly from your smartphone via Bluetooth audio and listen to the entire performance through your headphones. You can even record your performance to see what and where you need to change.

Make your own band

If you're in a band, getting everyone together can be a solution, but instead of going to rehearsals, you can create your own rehearsals. Play drums every day by playing along with completed songs, demos and accompaniments streamed from your phone. When you combine with another band, you will find yourself more confident.

Recording. Listen and Learn Anytime

Listening to your own drumming is one of the best ways to improve your own abilities. The Roland TD-17 has a built-in recorder that allows you to listen to and evaluate what you've been playing. Record play sessions or drumming and demo songs on the TD-17, everything will be stored on your SD card or streamed from your phone. With self-rating features, it's an easy way to capture high-quality audio for YouTube videos.

Download support kits from Roland Cloud

You're not just limited to the built-in toolkits that install inside the TD-17 module. Explore an ever-growing range of artist tools at Roland Cloud, including signature setups from professional drummers like Anika Nilles, Craig Blundell, Kaz Rodriguez, and more. When you sign up for a free account , just download the toolkit to help you and explore it.

See instructions for installing the Roland Cloud kit:

Essential tools to improve your drumming

First, drummers must be able to keep a steady beat before moving on to other exciting lessons, mastering the music theory is essential to building a solid foundation to develop as a drummer. real. The TD-17 module includes a Trainer mode to enhance your skills with daily practice tools, complete with progress tracking to motivate you, from simple exercises, develop a sense of rhythm, tempo and time, and also develop your own capacity and endurance.

Create routines with warm-up games

In Coach mode, there is also a simple warm-up mode, it is just like running, you need to warm up to loosen up your body and create the spirit for the route you have planned in advance. With drumming you also choose the number of warm-ups and the speed to start when you're ready. Next, you can play a variety of exercises that include varying the rhythm type, varying the tempo, and assessing the timing. When you finish, you'll get an overall score showing what you need to improve on.

Create routines with warm-up games

Play online videos through smart phone devices

Along with video lessons has never been so easy. You can connect your smartphone via the module using a Bluetooth wireless connection listen to the sound of the lesson and you do it on your own drum kit via the Headset and the navigation screen on the phone.

Play online videos through smart phone devices

Improve playability with Melodics

MOLODIC TM for V-Drum – a free app for Mac and Windows. It is a collection of curated drum lessons to develop your sense of rhythm, timing and memory. You can sign up for access to 70 lessons, added each week.

Improve playability with Melodics

Link to view the Medolics tutorial:

Easily Track Drums in Your DAW

Recording acoustic drums can be daunting when it comes to a lot of extra equipment and expertise, but the Roland TD-17 makes it easier than ever to make everything you worry about. Simply connect the module to your computer with a single USB cable and record your drum tracks and DAWs directly. You can also record MIDI via the same USB cable or via the dedicated MIDI output.

Easily Track Drums in Your DAW

The TD-17 module has made the latest updates

The TD-17 module has made the latest updates

Since its launch, the TD-17 module has fueled the advancement of drummers everywhere. And now the journey continues with 20 additional pre-installed kits, including 10 that were previously only available on the VAD-306 model. These new kits include 26 pre-made templates that you can use in your custom toolkit. Reverb and Kit Comp effects have also been added, along with 11 other types of MFX for shaping drum sounds. And with Roland Cloud built-in support, you can expand your playing experience with a wide selection of sounds, samples, and custom kits from professional drummers.

Specifications / Specs:


  • Kick: KD-10
  • Hi-hat: CY-5
  • Hi-hat Pedal: FD-9
  • Module: TD-17-V2
  • Snare: PDX-12
  • Tom 1: PDX-8
  • Tom 2: PDX-8
  • Tom 3: PDX-8
  • Crash 1: CY-12C-T
  • Ride: CY-14R-TILLION
  • Stand: MDS-COMPACT

What's Included

  • Sound Module Mount
  • AC Adapter
  • Special Connection Cable
  • Connection Cable (Crash 2
  • Drum Key
  • Setup Guide
  • Owner's Manual


  • Drum Kit Presets: 70
  • Snare Drum Diameter: 12''
  • Tom Drums Diameter: 10''
  • Hi-hat Diameter: 10''
  • Crash 1 Diameter: 12''
  • Ride Diameter: 14''
  • Additional Connections: SD Card, Bluetooth, Stereo out, USB
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Dimensions: 1315(w) x 1100(d) x 1200(h)mm

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