Roland TD-07DMK . Electric Drum

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Trống Điện Roland TD-07DMK - Việt Music
Roland TD-07DMK . Electric Drum
Regular price 23.990.000₫
Sale price 28.500.000₫

Roland TD07DMK Electric Drum.

(Product does not include Pedal Kick)

The Roland TD-07DMK (Double Mesh Kit) Electric Drum is launched to replace the Roland TD-1DMK drum lineup at an affordable price so that this World-renowned drum brand offers drum enthusiasts the opportunity to The association owns a quality Roland branded electric drum set.

Compact design, affordable price, but with professional tone, feel, and features that improve your drumming are packed into this TD-07DMK model. Although the pads are smaller than the drum sets in the V-Drum line, you'll always be pleased that designs like the snare PDX-8 and the 3 (three) tom PDX-6A feature two super mesh tops. Roland's quiet. The compact CY-5 crash and ride cymbal leaves let you achieve expressive play in tight spaces, while the stand-mounted kick pad used for the TD-07 series' dual pedals to make the perfect drum set for your family.

Outstanding features:

  • TD-07 module with 25 pre-installed kits, 25 user kits and 143 instruments
  • V-Edit. EQ, Ambience and 30 effects provide professional editing tools to create the perfect drum set sound
  • Snare and tom pads with 2 (two) ply mesh pads with adjustable mesh tension
  • 8-inch snare pad with independent rim and grid positions for assigning different sounds and 3 (three) 6.5-inch PDX-6A tom pads
  • The KD-2 kick pad is attached directly to the drum holder
  • Crash and ride cymbal CY-5 10-inch with support bar securely clamps to drum holder
  • Integrated CY-5 10-inch hi-hat cymbal and foot pedal with increased control in opening and closing positions
  • 4 (four) post drum holder with metal construction and sturdy clamps
  • Built-in Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream audio from smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices, and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Built-in metronome with advanced timing control
  • Onboard Coach function provides compatible tools to perfect your skills over time and track your progress
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to PC software
  • Added support for a second crash cymbal (CY-8 V-cymbal and MDY-Standard sold separately)

With V-Drum – Your playability will reach new heights

Since 1997, the Roland V-Drum has earned the status of the industry standard for electronic drum production. Usually small brands always imitate technology and models but we find that no one manufacturer or product can compare with genuine Roland products. As for the V-Drum, it delivers the sound, feel and playing experience of an acoustic drum kit, powered by technology, features and reliability you won't find anywhere else. And as the base set in the TD-07 series, the Roland TD-07DMK carries a proud legacy for novice and professional drummers.

Powerful TD-07 Module

The secret to a high-end electronic drum set is a powerful modular system, and the Roland TD-07DMK has a TD-07 "brain" used in the higher end kits in the series. Choose from electronic drum settings, acoustic drums, and a variety of percussion instruments, all recorded in a professional studio and fed with advanced V-Drum technology.

When you play electric drums, you won't disturb the people around you

The Roland TD-07DMK is an outstanding electronic drum kit for home use, you can tweak the volume to the lowest level as you practice, or you can use Headphones where only you can hear the drums. The drum legs and mesh pads are also much quieter than some of the lower quality brands' electric drum sets, which means it's extremely important while you're playing in a space (like the living room) where there's no room for play. do not affect, or disturb the people around. The mesh sides are designed to minimize noise without compromising the feel of play, while specially designed dampers in the kick pad help reduce noise and vibration. Even the drum stand is designed to reduce noise and vibration when touching the floor because the feet are attached with rubber for stability and certainty.

Can you play electric drums?

You just need to sit on the chair, grab the drumsticks, get in the right posture, turn on the power and adjust the features on the module and you can enjoy the "adventure" with the pre-installed soundtracks. When you're ready to play even more, even once the huge music library is integrated, you can set to change the kick sound, tom's mixer, or the crash and ride hits at the bottom. different positions for more subtle variations in your play. You can also tweak your drums, add damping to make it sound warmer, change the sound of your virtual space, or you can even go into production with your own sound to create new sounds. Drum bar is perfected with the TD-07's module-specific EQs.

Richer melodies and sounds

Roland V-Drum offers a rich range of sounds to keep you inspired. Despite their smaller size, the TD-07DMK's pads and cymbals have precise sensors such as hit, stroke, roll, flam, cymbal choke, etc.

You've always wanted to play drums on the Mesh-Head Pad – Only Roland gives you this real experience

Roland developed the world's first mesh drum back in 1997, Roland has been leading the way ever since. It's engineered with two layers of custom mesh that provide a natural anti-stick and elasticity that's extremely close to that of an acoustic head, plus an adjustable face tension that lets you fine-tune the feel. with the standard blank key. Once you have experienced the feeling of playing on this drum, we guarantee that you will not be interested in playing with rubber face drum products anymore.

Drumsticks and hardware are an added bonus to a drum set – Your reliability and playability lies in this design.

When you're playing at the highest level, there's nothing more frustrating than the base of the drum frame being unstable, or the pads on the bottom of the feet shifting out of place. Although the drum set has a small design, the solid structural design provides stability, solidity is the criteria for players to need. Custom drum holders and precise, sturdy clamps help lock all components into place. Building on the V-Drum's reputation for durability, the Roland TD-07DMK is your absolute trust.

Connect Bluetooth and play audio via smart connected device

The Roland TD-07DMK keeps you connected with your favorite drum bands. You simply select the music on your smartphone, tablet or computer, then you connect Bluetooth to the TD-07 module. The audio of the videos is also transmitted, so you can also play along with the songs and online lessons. And if your device doesn't have Bluetooth, you can simply connect via an audio cable. MIDI over Bluetooth is also supported for cable-free recording of MIDI data via music apps.

Practice becomes more fun with 40 free lessons from Melodics

Connect your V-Drum to Melodics TM , a desktop app that lets you play along with lessons and step-by-step music. You'll master new beats, manage your time, and record your drumming to mark points of improvement. There's no limit to how many times you can play with your 40 free lessons, and when you're ready to go the extra mile, you can sign up for the tutorials. Say goodbye to aimless practice sessions – Roland TD-07DMK and Melodics, every minute you play brings positive improvements.

One by one – Learn step by step and track your progress

Imagine that a coach is by your side whenever you sit in your chair and pick up your batons to play the drums, to guide you, your challenges, point out your points. If you are doing well and there is room for improvement, turn on the Trainer mode built into the TD-07 module and follow the instructions exactly. With easy to difficult time and accuracy exercises, plus a grading feature that makes your learning more fun than ever. And don't forget the metronome, a trusted invisible person who helps develop your inner rhythm clock.

Connect and record via USB

The Roland TD-07DMK is not only a great drum set, it is also a high quality audio/MIDI interface for Mac and Windows computers. With just a single USB cable, you can send MIDI and audio data from the module directly to your favorite music production software, or use this kit to trigger drum-based instruments. on software for studio or live play. And if you already play another instrument and want to add some drums to your track, then the TD-07DMK is a great no-fuss addition to your home studio, just set up, finish Connect and add realistic sounding drums to your production.

Specifications / Specs:

Kit configuration

  • Drum sound module: TD-07
  • Snare: PDX-8
  • Tom: PDX-6A (x3)
  • Hi-hat: CY-5
  • Crash: CY-5
  • Ride: CY-5
  • Kick: KD-2
  • Drum stand: Four-post type rack stand


    • AC adapter
    • Special connection cable
    • Drum key
    • Setup guide
    • Owner's manuals


    • Dimensions: 47-1/4'' (W) x 43-5/16'' (D) x 47-1/4'' (H)
    • Pre-set Kits: 25
    • User Kits: 25
    • Instruments: 143
    • Display: 16 characters x 2 lines LCD (with backlight)
    • Power Supply: AC adapter (DC 12V)
    • Current Draw: 250 mA
    • Product Code: TD-07DMK

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