Nux Electric Drum DM-210

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Trống Điện Nux DM210 - Việt Music
Nux Electric Drum DM-210
Regular price 11.900.000₫
Sale price

Start your drumming career right with the Nux DM210 Electric Drum.

Perfect drumming experience.

The DM-210 is a beginner drum kit but comes equipped with all the same mesh drum pads as on the pro models.

You can easily customize the perfect feel for your style by adjusting the tension of the mesh ends.

Independent kick drum.

The stand-alone kick drum is specially designed for the DM-210 and gives you an authentic drumming experience.

You can put it anywhere you want.

This drum set doesn't require much space - only 1.5 square meters! Put it anywhere you want. You can practice in the room, then move out to the living room to perform, can easily move outdoors for parties. It's incredibly light so anyone can move it around with ease.

Diverse sound library.

Includes styles: metal, rock, funk, pop, blues and jazz.

Whatever you play, whatever style of music you love, the DM-210 can satisfy your musical needs.

NUX has designed a new sound library specifically for DM-210 users.

Coach, Recording and Backing Songs.

As a beginner to the drums, you may feel confused, not knowing where to start. Don't worry, the DM-210 has a coach function that can help you train your basic drumming skills.

If you're bored with practicing basic skills and want some backing tracks, just click the Songs button and play the drums with the demo songs. You can also use the aux-in or bluetooth to play your own tracks.

Want to check your workout progress? Just click the REC button to record and listen to your performance again.

Detailed specifications of the Nux DM210 Electric Drum.

Package includes: 8'' Snare x1, 8'' Tom x3, 10'' Hi-hat x1, 10'' Crash x1, 10'' Ride x1, Kick x1, Hi-hat Control x1, Kick Pedal x1 , DM-210 Module x1

Modular features: Metronome, Coach, Reverb, REC, Songs, Bluetooth. MIDI Data through USB Port

Connectors: Headphone, DC-9V, L/MONO R Output, Aux In, USB, Cymbal Trigger In

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