Yamaha Rydeen Mechanical Drum RDP0F5

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Color: Silver Glitter
Kiểu: RDP2F5
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Trống Cơ Yamaha Rydeen RDP0F5 - Việt Music
Yamaha Rydeen Mechanical Drum RDP0F5
Regular price 11.390.000₫
Sale price

Yamaha has 50 years of professional drum production experience and Rydeen is a prime example of their quality.

The Yamaha Rydeen Jazz Drum Kit is for beginners or intermediate players. This drum set uses Yamaha hardware with a Tom Yamaha kit and genuine Yamaha collets.

Compact size. Realistic, powerful sound. Vibrant, stylish, stylish designs and colors.

Exclusive Tom Clamps and Clamps from Yamaha.

The Yamaha Rydeen Jazz Drum Kit has two tom clamps with a diameter of 22.2 mm and a collet. A flexible mounting tray gives you the freedom to mount the Tom drums at any angle, and combine other hardware that conforms to Yamaha's standard 22.2 mm, to create a perfect kit configuration. your.

Drum Type Bass P3.

The double film on the side of the drum helps to provide a mute effect, for a cleaner and more powerful bass drum sound.

Material: Poplar wood.

Poplar bark produces optimal, uniform tones regardless of shell size with long retention time. The Rydeen drum kit features poplar material for soft highs and mids with enhanced bass that explodes with warmth. This wood is ideal for drummers who want a strong, rich and powerful tone.

Yamaha Rydeen Series RDP0F5 Mechanical Drums Includes:

Bass Drum: RBB2016 (20" x 16")

Floor Tom: RBF1413 (14" x 13")

Tom 1: RBT1208 (12" x 08")

Tom 2: RBT1007 (10" x 07")

Snare Drum: RBS1455 (14" x 5.5")

Tom Holder: TH945B

Note: The package does not include Cymbal, Hardware.

Compare the difference between RDP0F5 and RDP2F5.

Set No. Bass Drums Floor Tom
RDP2F5 RBB2216 (22"x16") RBF1615 (16"x15")
RDP0F5 RBB2016 (20"x16") RBF1413 (14"x13")

Yamaha Rydeen RDP0F5 Mechanical Drum Specifications:

Model RDP0F5
Accessory Drum clamp CL940LB x 2
Lug Type Separate lug
Bark Thickness 6 ply (7.2mm)
Material Poplar
Drumhead top SD: Coated, TT / FT: Clear
Bottom SD: S-side, TT / FT: Clear
Front BD: Ebony w/ring mute + Yamaha logo
Batter BD: Clear w/ring mute
Empty rim

SD/TT/FT: Triple Flange Hoop (Steel 1.5mm).

BD: Steel Hoop w/ matching color inlay

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