Recorder Flute Yamaha YRS-20G

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Sáo Recorder Yamaha YRS-20G - Việt Music
Recorder Flute Yamaha YRS-20G
Regular price 250.000₫
Sale price

The colorful Recorder Flute is a real musical instrument. These flutes are made of ABS plastic, which are familiar recorders and they offer good tonality, nuance of expression and excellent durability. There is no need to exert much force when playing the Recorder flute. Rich sounds with colorful shapes will make your daily practice more fun!

Raw materials combined with International Safety Standards.

The ABS plastic used in Yamaha products is manufactured from non-toxic materials that meet international safety standards.

Safe assembly.

The parts of the Yamaha recorder flute are assembled without the use of adhesives at any time. Yamaha soprano and alto recorders have components that are assembled completely by pressing.

Quality management standard ISO 9001.

Yamaha's quality management system complies with the international ISO 9001 standard and is certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), an internationally recognized certification body based in Norway. The same quality management system applies to all Yamaha manufacturing facilities worldwide, ensuring that every product delivered complies with the highest quality standards.


Soft bag made from phthalate ester free material.

Yamaha YRS-20G Recorder Flute Specifications.

Model YRS-20GG
Buttons OLD
Finger system German fingering system
Blowing line Straight Form
Key hole Pair
Parts of flute 3
Material ABS plastic
Accessory Finger chart

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