MIDI Keyboard And Pad Controller M-Audio Axiom 49 MK2

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MIDI Keyboard And Pad Controller M-Audio Axiom 49 MK2 - Việt Music
MIDI Keyboard And Pad Controller M-Audio Axiom 49 MK2
Regular price 8.400.000₫
Sale price

The M-AUDIO AXIOM49MK2 is the Midi Controler with the production and performance power you need to get the most out of your music software and MIDI gear. Featuring piano-style semi-weighted keys for a satisfying playing experience.

The M-Audio ® Axiom ® 49 controller combines all the production power and performance you need to get the most out of your music software and MIDI devices. More than just an “input” controller, the Axiom 49 features piano-style semi-weighted keys for a satisfying playing experience. Large trigger pads make it easy to program the beat and trigger one-off samples - while the knobs, equalizer and encoder buttons provide complete real-time control over the part your soft. DirectLink mode provides easy, automatic access to common DAW functions including transport, mixer, track, and virtual device parameters — no complicated setup required. The Axiom 49 even features a sleek, angular panel for easy viewing in any environment.

DirectLink: Streamlined session control

Built on top of the all-time best-selling MIDI keyboard controller**, the updated Axiom series features DirectLink, which automatically maps onboard controls to common parameters in the DAW* such as Pro Tools ® , Logic, Cubase, Live and Reason. Control your software studio — directly from the keyboard. Use the equalizers and encoder buttons to fine-tune the mix. Easily navigate through sessions using the Traffic buttons. Connecting a MIDI controller to your software doesn't get any easier than this.

Serious production capacity

When inspiration strikes, you need a keyboard controller that can turn ideas into great music. That's why the Axiom 49 is equipped with an extremely expressive semi-weighted keyboard and eight Trigger Finger ® pads for rhythm programming with incredible feel. Automatically map the Axiom 49 to your DAW with DirectLink — or dig deeper by assigning pads, encoders, equalizers, and buttons to any control you want. Each controller can map to any available MIDI messages, along with an independent channel address for each controller. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Axiom Instrument mode

With other MIDI keyboards, it has never been easier to assign encoders and equalizers to control virtual instruments. Now, thanks to the Axiom 49 controller's new Instrument mode, a single button instantly maps equals, buttons, and encoders to any virtual instrument inside a DirectLink-compatible host your *. You get direct access to aggregate parameters like filter limits, LFO rates, and envelope settings — without having to manually configure anything. It's almost like turning the Axiom 49 into a dedicated hardware system.

Intuitive design

Whether you're on stage or in the studio, the keyboard controller fuels your creativity — providing all the right information and control at your fingertips. That's why we designed the Axiom 49 with a beautifully angled top panel for easier viewing of the screen and improved ergonomics. Smooth rotary encoders deliver precise, continuous parameter changes, while the low-profile 40 mm faders give you a real sense of mixing. The centrally located LCD screen provides feedback from the DAW server, including on-screen display of parameters and settings. It all adds up to intuitive control over your MIDI software and hardware.

Mobile activity

The Axiom series is extremely compact and lightweight, and all models are powered directly from your computer's USB bus. Choose the size that best suits your needs, then take your music wherever you want.

A new approach to creating music

With Ignite, you can now capture your ideas quickly with professional results. Personal musical ideas are recorded as phrases, known simply as clips. Multiple clips can be played back together or even grouped to create more complex phrases and song sections. Ignite offers seamless integration with any existing M-Audio keyboard controller. Once connected to your computer, key parameters are automatically assigned or mapped to the front panel controller. This tight integration provides a simple offsite solution that works — no setup work required.

Your best sound

Included with Ignite are over 275 remarkable instrumental sounds developed by AIR Music Technology. In addition to a versatile mixer, Smart MIDI technology offers both a Chord Player and a Phrase Player that can introduce new pieces of music to enhance your production — even a drum sample. Email your ideas to the rest of the band. Share your music and song ideas with other musicians through SoundCloud — all without leaving Ignite. Plus, you can export WAV and MIDI files, then import them into any DAW recording software — including Pro Tools.


49-key piano-style, semi-weighted-action keyboard with assignable aftertouch

DirectLink automatically maps controllers to work with popular recording software

8 rotary encoder knobs, 9 sliders, and 8 trigger pads–all MIDI assignable

9 assignable buttons with LED lights for software feedback

6 dedicated transport controls

Dedicated track up/down, mute, and solo buttons

Angle top panel with centered, custom LCD display for easy viewing in any situation

4 zone buttons for stacking and splitting sounds on up to 4 MIDI channels

Assignable pitch bend and modulation performance wheels

Octave up/down; transpose up/down

Sustain pedal and Expression pedal inputs

Preset parameter mappings for popular virtual instruments

20 memory locations for storing custom settings

4 keyboard velocity curves and 3 fixed velocity settings

4 pad velocity curves, 3 fixed settings, and unique 'step' velocity curves

Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X

Includes Ableton Live Lite

Includes Ignite music creation software

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