Microphone Shure SM58-LC

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Micro Shure SM58-LC - Việt Music
Microphone Shure SM58-LC
Regular price 3.870.000₫
Sale price

Micro Shure SM58-LC (No on/off switch) possesses a simple but equally sophisticated design. Compact design with a housing constructed of high-strength steel, providing rigidity and ruggedness. Equipped with modern advanced technology with extended frequency range. Using a Cardioid polar pattern reduces rotational pulse noise and wind sounds when taking breath to help eliminate noise when breathing heavily for clear, clear vocals.

The Shure SM58-LC microphone is the perfect choice for professional music performances, large hall presentations to home karaoke sound.

The Shure SM58-LC wired microphone is a wired microphone with a compact design, wide frequency response, and impressive sound quality. Shure SM58-LC is increasingly popular and suitable for professional music performances, large hall presentations to family karaoke sound at a reasonable cost.

This model is optimized by the company to be more compact with the size of the microphone respectively 162mm (length) x 51mm (width) and a weight of only 298g. In addition, SM58-LC is made of sturdy aluminum alloy material and the handle is covered with a matte paint for a firmer grip. At the same time, it also limits the situation of fingerprint adhesion when used for a long time.

The head of the Shure SM58-LC microphone is covered by a high-grade mesh with interlocking eyes to increase sound reception and filter efficiency. This is a professional wired microphone, so the manufacturer has equipped a gold-plated XLR connector that allows you to easily connect wired and ensure that it is always powered during use.

SM58-LC is also equipped with extremely good impact resistance with extremely high safety and reliability. Therefore, you can rest assured to use Shure microphones with high intensity continuously for hours at a time in concerts, conferences, schools, etc.

The Shure SM58-LC wired microphone is a karaoke microphone with a Cardioid polar pattern that helps focus on collecting sound sources while minimizing background noise, limiting the howling conditions that cause discomfort to listeners when operating. with high capacity. The SM58-LC's perfect frequency response is from 50Hz - 15,000Hz, which reproduces realistic sound with clear bass, detailed mids, and is perfect for lead vocals.

Not stopping there, the Shure SM58-LC microphone is integrated with a spherical filter that helps to reduce wind noise, strong breathing and other noises that affect sound quality when emitted. This is to deliver clear, honest and crisp sound. With these outstanding features, SM58-LC is the ultimate audio support device for Rock music or outdoor performances,...

With a compact design and modern technologies applied by the manufacturer to the Shure SM58-LC microphone, this microphone can meet most of the user's needs. You can use this microphone to sing karaoke at home or at outdoor performances, conferences or at schools.

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