Melodion Alto Suzuki M-37C

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Kèn Melodion Alto Suzuki M-37C - Việt Music
Melodion Alto Suzuki M-37C
Regular price 2.090.000₫
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Suzuki Melodion M-37C uses high technology in the production process, which is why the trumpet has a treasure of rich melodies, exactly as the desire of music lovers to have a wonderful experience. as desired.

Suzuki Melodion M-37C aims at the desire of music lovers, the product has a fairly simple and compact design, which can be completely put in a pocket and carried with you. Thanks to that, music lovers can use the trumpet anywhere they want, to bring music everywhere you go.

Suzuki Melodion M-37C is made of lead-copper phosphor aluminum shell, which is a highly durable material. This use also helps to make the sound of the trumpet accurate, realistic and attractive to the listener. This is also the reason that many music lovers trust and choose Suzuki Melodion M-37C .

With outstanding features, and convenience in use, Suzuki Melodion M-37C will help people get the most vivid sound of the trumpet and freely express their passion for melodion.

Detailed specifications of the Melodion Suzuki M-37C.


Alto key 37 f ~ f 3


Aluminum cover
phosphor bronze lead


Body: 470 × 110 × 55 mm
Case: 500 × 125 × 60 mm


Body: 947 g
Shell: 405 g


Mouth (MP - 121)
trumpet mouth (MP - 131)
Taku Mouth (MP - 113)
Soft nylon case with shoulder strap (MP - 2011)

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