Kawai CA9900GP Digital Piano - Used

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Đàn Piano Điện Kawai CA9900GP - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Kawai CA9900GP Digital Piano - Used
Regular price 85.000.000₫
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Kawai CA9900GP digital piano is a development model based on CA99 - the most advanced model in CA series.

Like the CA99, the CA9900GP uses a wooden keyboard that reproduces the color and texture of ivory and ebony. At the same time, the company has also improved and upgraded the CA9900GP with improved touch. Unique features such as a variety of dedicated acoustic piano tones and preset songs have been added.

Feature comparison CA9900GP CA99
Color Rough black Rosewood / Gloss Black
Piano Melodies 27 types 17 types
Number of tones 12 types 8 types
Chord Dictionary Have Are not
Playlists 587 songs 533 songs
Photo slideshow Have
Are not

The Kawai CA9900GP is Kawai's newest digital piano model with an all-new design, sound and keyboard.

For those who are looking for a digital piano but want the playing comfort and rich tone close to that of a grand piano, the CA9900GP is the ideal choice.

Modern matte black.

The CA9900GP uses a modern matte black color to match any space, creating the look of a true upright piano.

It has a wood grain finish that resembles an acoustic piano, making it less prone to stains, scratches, and fingerprints.

Special recordings of 10 classic piano sounds.

The CA9900GP is stocked with 10 special recordings of the classic "Piano Style Collection" piano sound.

“Chord Dictionary” expands music enjoyment.

The Kawai CA9900GP digital piano is equipped with a unique feature called "Chord Dictionary" that allows even beginners to easily understand, hear and play chords.

Piano chords can be clearly displayed and easily heard in any keyboard area, very useful for playing songs and checking chords.

Additional categories of tunes make it easy to choose.

To let you enjoy to the fullest, Kawai has added a catalog of tones just for the CA9900GP.

CA9900GP contains a total of 587 preset songs. There are lots of fun songs to play and listen to, such as the 357 songs included in the accompanying soundtrack collection and the 48 relaxing song collections available only with the CA9900GP.

Ensemble: 9 carefully selected sound styles, such as combinations of tones that make it sound like multiple people are playing, or combinations that let you enjoy different instruments in tone and part cushion.

Relax: 8 relaxing sounds, such as fun piano sounds and guitar ballads, will help you relax whether you play or listen to them

Collection of songs to help you relax every day.

Equipped with piano songs of various genres using the latest sound technology. A total of 48 songs are integrated, divided into four genres: "Classic", "New Age", "Jazz" and "Christmas". Even if you're not playing the piano, the songs create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're in a performance.

The CA9900GP sound source sampled from the SK-EX grand piano.

The SK-EX concert grand piano has been awarded by international piano competitions around the world, including the Chopin International Piano Competition.

The sound source faithfully reproduces the reverb and resonance of all 88 keys by sampling from a world-class SK-EX grand piano using multi-channel recording. The improved SK-EX output sound source adds hammer noise sampling, which is important for the emergence of a sound especially for a grand piano. Reproduce the complex and mellow resonances of an acoustic piano sound that until now was not possible.

In addition to SK-EX, CA9900GP also contains sound samples of EX, SK-5, Upright. You can choose your favorite sound source.

Grand Feel Action III Wood Keyboard

The CA9900GP has a rocking keyboard structure similar to a grand piano.

A new action structure using special materials and new hammer pads are used to create the movement and feel of a grand piano keyboard. The Kawai CA9900GP has achieved the smooth and responsive feel typical of a grand piano. It feels smooth and responsive from start to finish, like a grand piano.

Typing sound has been reduced!

With any digital piano, even if you're wearing headphones, you'll hear keystrokes. The CA9900GP has the touch of a grand piano while reducing keystroke sounds. This helps you to focus on playing better.

360 degree speaker system.

The sound of a grand piano radiates from the entire body, is designed to be horizontal to the floor, and has been described as "a sound that envelops the performer". Something that was previously very difficult to do with digital pianos, even with speakers facing up. There are also 2 upward facing speakers that spread the sound in different directions.

By installing a "diffuser", sound is effectively diffused over a "surface" instead of a "point". You can experience the wonderful and vibrant sound as if you were playing with an open grand piano.

TWIN DRIVE soundboard speakers reproduce deep sound.

Like the back of an upright piano, it is equipped with a wooden soundboard. Soundboard speakers use a vibrator to actually vibrate a large wooden soundboard to produce sound. Equipped with two different vibrators, one for the low range and the other for the mid to high range. Great sound reproduction.

Touch screen is as easy to operate as a smartphone

The buttons commonly found on conventional digital pianos are gone and replaced with a smartphone-like color LCD touch panel. You can control a wide range of functions by tapping, swiping, etc. Alternatively, if you use the dedicated app, you can use your smartphone or tablet to adjust the tone, play music and more, operations on your phone are the same as on the keyboard's touch panel.

The color LCD touch panel gives the instrument a luxurious feel. If you don't use it for a certain period of time, a total of 16 photos will be displayed on the screen nicely alternately.

New design and slow closing keyboard cover.

The exterior has been greatly renewed, and it becomes a stylish design that resembles an upright piano. The slow capping system is also used. Even if you let go of the cover when closing, you don't have to worry about your hands getting caught in the keyboard cover.

The pedal system feels great.

All three pedals are modeled after a grand piano, creating a highly stable and durable pedal feel. You can now play with half-pedal and soft-pedal modes, allowing you to make more detailed adjustments to reverberation, such as how sound bounces and breaks.

aptX/AAC compatible Bluetooth audio.

Equipped with Bluetooth function that allows wireless connection to smartphones and tablets. Music from a smartphone can be played on the CA9900GP speaker. You can play the piano along with your favorite songs. With aptX/AAC support, you can use the CA9900GP's speaker as a high-quality audio speaker.

Specifications of Kawai CA9900GP Digital Piano.

Manufacturer Kawaii
Model CA9900GP
Key system Action of Grand Feel III (GFIII)
- 88 wooden keys
– High weight hammer
– Ivory Touch white key surface
– Ebony Touch black key surface
– Simulate shutdown
– Triple sensor key detection
– 88 graded counterweight keys
Sound SK-EX Rendering: 10 render characters
Harmonious picture: 90 sounds
Sound source Pianist mode: SK-EX . Render
– 88-key multi-channel sampling
– SK-EX recording
Sound Mode: Harmonic Imaging XL (HI-XL)
– 88-key stereo sampling
– Recording SK-EX, SK-5, EX
Built-in songs Lesson songs: 377 songs
Demo: 153 songs
Harmony Magic: 480 songs
Polyphony 256
Screen 5" LCD touch screen (480 x 800 pixels)
Connect Headset x 2, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, Bluetooth® MIDI, Line Out/in, USB to Host, USB to Device
Bluetooth® Bluetooth (Version 4.1; GATT compatible)
Bluetooth Energy Saving MIDI Specifications
Bluetooth Audio with aptX . support
Application function PianoRemote (iOS / Android)
PiaBookPlayer (iOS / Android)
Speaker power Output Power: 135 W (54 W x 3)
Soundboard speaker system:
– 8 cm x 4 (top speaker with diffuser)
– 2 cm X 2 (dome tweeter)
Number of pedals Damper(with half damping) – Soft – Sostenuto
Size 144.5 cm (W) x 47 cm (D) x 101 cm (H) cm
Weight 83 kg

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