Kawai CA98R Digital Piano "Touch Screen" - Used

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  • Bảo hành 12 - 24 tháng.
  • Tặng Ghế chơi đàn piano.
  • Giao hàng:
    - Khu vực TP.HCM và các vùng lân cận: Miễn phí vận chuyển 10km đầu tiên. Giao hàng trong vòng 02 tiếng.
    - Các tỉnh thành khác trên cả nước: Thời gian giao hàng từ 01 đến 03 ngày.
  • Trả góp: 03/06/09/12 tháng.
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Đàn Piano Điện Kawai CA98R "Màn Hình Cảm Ứng" - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Kawai CA98R Digital Piano "Touch Screen" - Used
Regular price 48.900.000₫
Sale price 55.000.000₫

Bringing the most authentic acoustic piano experience

Kawai developed the Grand Feel II key system used on the CA98R model to simulate the special feeling of playing on a grand piano. With a trio of key speed and force sensors, the Kawai CA98 offers a smooth and precise experience that responds to the most difficult piano techniques.

Like an acoustic piano hammer, the CA98R key system simulates key weights that gradually decrease towards the right high notes, while Grand Feel II technology adjusts key gravity in each area similar to a grand key. Players are able to demonstrate techniques from fortissimo (very strong) to pianissimo (very light) perfectly.

The Grand Feel key system has the longest spindle length in the world of digital pianos, which is the pride of Kawai. This new technology makes key movement smooth and precise like that of a real grand piano.

Progressive Harmonic Imaging delivers beautiful grand piano sound

Sit down Kawai CA98R and play. The amazing piano sound you hear is the meticulously sampled sound of the handcrafted Kawai Shigeru EX concert grand (limited edition), with all 88 keys meticulously recorded and reproduced. faithfully created using Kawai's exclusive Progressive Harmonic Imaging HI-XL sound processing technology.

The sound on the CA98R accurately reproduces the strength and lightness of the keys, which very few digital pianos can do. In addition, Kawai CA98 adds many high-quality tones such as electric piano, organ, vibrato, harpsichord, chorus, etc.

Modern Bluetooth connection technology

In addition to the standard USB and MIDI jacks for connecting to a computer or other musical instruments, the CA98R features built-in Bluetooth® Audio and MIDI technologies that allow the instrument to communicate with wirelessly supported smart devices. wire (bluetooth).

Once paired with a phone, tablet or laptop, players can enjoy a variety of exciting music-related apps to enhance their learning and playing experience, or stream Stream audio from songs and videos through the Kawai CA98R's high-end amplifiers and speakers, without the need for additional cables.

Touch screen on CA98R

All functions are accessible from the large 5" touch screen that allows to choose from the attractive user interface to select tones and settings by simply tapping or swiping the screen with your finger.

The display can also be set to turn off automatically during play, making it more like a traditional acoustic piano. Nurturing the development of a pianist

Kawai's CA99 digital piano allows for 3-song recording, allowing you to record your performances to the internal memory and play them back at the touch of a button. Furthermore, there is a fun lessons feature that can teach yourself the piano using a collection of etudes from Czerny, Burgmüller and Beyer, as well as songs from Alfred's popular course books.

You can practice the left and right hand parts separately, and adjust the speed of the exercise to master the more difficult sections. Dual and four-hand modes (2 headphone jacks) let you collaborate with your teacher or sing a duet. Kawai's Grand Feel Grand Feel pedal system recreates the feel and function of a real piano tripod.


  • Width: 146cm
  • Height: 94cm
  • Depth: 45.5cm
  • Weight: 85kg
  • Key system: Grand Feel II
  • Counterweight: yes
  • Triple sensor lock detection: yes
  • Simulate hammer drop sound: yes
  • Soundboard speaker system: yes
  • Multi-channel audio output: yes
  • 88-key stereo sampling: yes
  • Number of sounds: 90
  • Interface: 5" LCD touch screen
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth Audio (aptX), Bluetooth MIDI
  • Built-in lesson book: 578 built-in songs
  • Output Power: 135 W (45 W x 3)
  • Speaker: 8cm x 4 (top speaker), 2cm x 2 (dome speaker)
  • Available colors: Premium Rosewood, Modern Black

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