Yamaha U2G Upright Acoustic Piano - Used

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Color: Polished Ebony
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Đàn Piano Cơ Upright Yamaha U2G - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Yamaha U2G Upright Acoustic Piano - Used
Regular price 42.000.000₫
Sale price 72.000.000₫

The Yamaha U2G is the best mid-range model for beginners who want a reasonable piano to practice getting used to.

This is a model with a height of 127cm, which is an average height, suitable for placing in the bedroom and living room display.

Yamaha U2G has an eye-catching and luxurious matte black paint. The company applies advanced technologies to create a scratch-resistant paint material better than other models in the same money range, so that the guitar always has the most beautiful and luxurious new shirt.

The first thing that determines the sound of an acoustic piano is the soundboard. Like most mid-range models, Yamaha has used Sitka Spruce wood to make the soundboard for the Yamaha U2G so that it has a powerful warm bass sound, but the mids and treble are still clear, harmonious and not dazzling. ear when listening.

The soundboard of the Yamaha U2G is about 1/2 inch thick, or about 1.27cm, just enough to let the sound resonate most effectively.

Next is the heavy-duty metal frame of Yamaha U2G with long-term researched technology drawn from many harsh tests by Japanese engineers with extremely good bearing stiffness. It not only withstands the pulling force of the strings, but also withstands the weight of the guitar and physical impacts from the environment. So Yamaha has taken great care of the bearing frame and made the Yamaha U2G sturdy no matter how long it is used.

Whether the sound in the playing process is clear and decisive will also be partly determined by the hammer system. Yamaha U2G uses high-grade wool to make the hammer head of the guitar, making each note and each beat definitive, conveying the force that the artist exerts on the keys to the most realistic strings, making the music sound. diverse nuances, revealing the emotions and goals of the player when performing.

The last thing that is extremely important to the sound of the Yamaha U2G is the 220-string set. Each note you hear is a combination of 1 or 2 or 3 steel alloy strings. These strings are high strength, low carbon special steel alloys, they come in different diameters and produce a variety of sounds and colors.

The keys of the Yamaha U2G use super durable Phenolic Resin material, which is affected by the environment such as temperature and humidity very well, so the keys are always new and bright.

Yamaha U2G Mechanical Piano Specifications.

Manufacturer: Yamaha Piano Japan

Model: Yamaha U2G

Quality Score: B/A/A/A

Pedals: 03 - Soft Pedal, Mute Pedal, Damper Pedal.

Dimensions: Height (Height): 127 cm, Width (Width): 151 cm , Width(Depth): 63 cm

Weight: 228 kg

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