Taylor Classic Guitar 214CE-N Grand Auditorium w/Bag

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Đàn Guitar Taylor 214CE-N Grand Auditorium w/Bag Classic - Việt Music
Taylor Classic Guitar 214CE-N Grand Auditorium w/Bag
Regular price 34.000.000₫
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Taylor Guitar 214CE-N.

The Taylor 214ce-N presents a unique blend of contemporary design and classic tone, giving players a new guitar with an exceptional sound.

The model features a Grand Auditorium style, Sitka Spruce top top, and Rosewood back and sides, producing a powerful, powerful tone perfect for classical, flamenco and fingerstyle music. other.

The 4.76cm neck width provides greater string spacing while maintaining a comfortable fretboard feel.

The ES-N EQ makes it easy to connect an amplifier to perform in front of a crowd or on stage.

The 214ce-N comes with a nice, sturdy padded case.

Features Taylor 214CEN Guitar.

Grand Auditorium Shape : Taylor's signature shape embodies versatile sound

Body Length: 20" / Body Width: 16" / Body Depth: 4 5/8". An original design by Bob Taylor introduced in 1994. Grand Auditorium produces a full sound in the lows , clear in the midrange and sparkling in the highs.

Taylor's most popular and versatile form, the mid-size Grand Auditorium appeared in 1994 with delicate proportions between Dreadnought and Grand Concert. This shape creates a loud enough wood tone, but still has an impressive balance across the tonal spectrum, especially in the midrange, producing clear notes that are suitable for both plucking and fingerstyle playing.

Many people want a single guitar that can cover many different styles, which is why the GA is Taylor's best-selling shape. If you want a great all-in-one, the GA won't let you down.

Solid Sitka Spruce Top: The soundboard of choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a wide tonal range and covers a wide variety of playing styles.

As a premier guitar soundboard, Sitka spruce is the tonewood standard of the modern era. It is used on 85-90% of the guitars Taylor produces. Its combination of power and elasticity translates into a wide tonal range, delivering clear articulation and allowing for everything from hitting hard to hitting the finger.

Indian Rosewood Back and Sides: Superstar tonewood. Popular, traditional and versatile, Bob Taylor ranks Indian Rosewood among the most wonderfully toned woods ever.

One of the most popular and traditional guitar woods of all time, rosewood takes the base tone of mahogany (with a powerful midrange) and extends it in both directions. Rosewood gives a deeper sound in the bass and brighter in the treble.

Like mahogany, rosewood is a versatile tonal wood, which has contributed to its popularity. If you prefer a guitar with fuller bass and brighter treble, rosewood will do the trick.

ES-N Electronics: Designed specifically for Taylor nylon cord models.

Standard controls allow for multiple tones and maintain a natural design aesthetic.

Venetian Cutaway: The Venetian cut is known for its soft, rounded lines.

Cutaways are often favored for their aesthetics as well as allowing high notes to be played.

Taylor 214CEN Guitar Specifications.

Body & Bridge

Top Material: Solid Sitka Spruce

Body Material: Rosewood

Body Type: Grand Auditorium w/ Venetian

Bridge Material: Ebony

Saddle: Nubone

Bracing: Nylon Bracing

Color: Natural

Rosette: Three Rings

Neck & Fingerboard

Neck Material: Tropical Mahogany

Neck Width: 4.76cm

Neck Joint: Taylor Neck

Neck Finish: Satin

Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Fingerboard Inlay: 4mm Dot Italian Acrylic

Number of Frets: 20

Scale Length: 25.5''

Nut Material: Nubone

Hardware & Electronics

Hardware Color: Chrome

Tuning Machines: Nylon

Strings: Pro Arte Carbon Hard Tension

Electronics: Expression System Nylon (ES-N)

Included: Bag

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