Classical Guitar Yamaha GC42S - Used

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Đàn Guitar Classic Yamaha GC42S - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Classical Guitar Yamaha GC42S - Used
Regular price 88.000.000₫
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Developed with decades of know-how in crafting instruments, the GC-series guitars represent the line of classical guitars handcrafted in Japan.

Yamaha craftsmen pay attention to detail and select the finest wood materials to ensure that each instrument is of the best possible quality.

Characterized by a rich, bright, rich sound and powerful vibe created from solid Madagascar Rosewood on the back and sides.

Top materials.

All models in the GC series feature solid Madagascar Rosewood back and sides, providing the distinctive tone of the premium material. The top is optionally Spruce or Cedar wood allowing you to choose according to your preferences in sound and appearance.

Wood selection.

The wood is carefully prepared over a long period of time to be suitable for a guitar. It takes a lot of skill and experience to be able to choose the right woods and combinations of woods for an instrument called Yamaha.

Shape the fretboard.

The necks on the Grand Concert series are individually crafted by the luthier with his sensitive hands to feel the curvature of the neck, making it the perfect fit for smoother finger movement and solid stability. sure.

Braces inside the cabinet.

The tie rod, an important element that determines the tone and response of a guitar, was devised by Antonio de Torres in the 1880s. In the GC series, Yamaha has improved this shape and design to deliver volume and clarity. greater response, bright and clear highs and rich bass.

Saddle and bridge.

The saddle captures the vibration of the string and transmits it across the bridge and onto the top of the body. The relationship of the three components of the saddle, bridge and top of the body is extremely important on a guitar. Using their advanced skills, Yamaha craftsmen fit the saddle into a groove on the bridge with a high degree of surface contact. The bridge is also precisely positioned and glued to the body with great precision.

Yamaha GC42S Guitar Specifications.



Body shape Yamaha CG Shape
Scale length 650mm (25 9/16”)
Body length 490mm (19 5/16")
total length 988mm (38 7/8")
Body Width 370mm (14 9/16")
Body Depth 94-100mm (3 11/16" - 3 15/16")
Comb Width 52mm (2 1/16")
String Distance * 11.8mm
Top Material (Top) Solid European Spruce or Solid Hokkaido Spruce
Back Material (Back) Solid Madagascar Rosewood
Side Material Solid Madagascar Rosewood
Neck Material African Mahogany
Keyboard material Ebony
Radius of keyboard part Flat
Saddle Material Indian Rosewood
Nut Material Bone
Saddle Material Bone
pegs None
Winding machine Gold(YTM-81)
Body Binding Rosewood + Woods
Soundhole Inlay Rosette
Pickguard None
Body Finish Gloss
Neck Finish Gloss
Electronic None
Control None
Connect None
Guitar string Trebles: High / Basses: Medium(Yamaha S10)
Made in Japan
Envelopes Reinforced Carrying Bag

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