Classical Guitar Kohno Professional J 2003 - Used

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Đàn Guitar Classic Kohno Professional J 2003 - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Classical Guitar Kohno Professional J 2003 - Used
Regular price 95.000.000₫
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Guitar Kohno Professional-J.

Masaru Kohno is Japan's foremost luthier and is known for making some of the finest classical guitars in the world.

In 1960, he went to Spain to learn a trade. In 1967, he was awarded the Gold Medal at the Elizabeth's Concourse International Guitar Competition in Belgium, bringing his name to the forefront of the world. Many famous classical guitar players have used Kohno guitars including Julian Bream, Oscar Gighlia, and many others.

Designed by Japan's most famous luthier, Masaru Kohno. The Kohno Professional-J is a first class guitar model and is currently built by Kohno's grandson Masaki Sakurai. This model is currently played by Oscar Ghiglia, Eduardo Fernandez, Shinichi Fukuda and a host of top artists who have played them in the past including Sharon Isbin, Julian Bream and many others.

The Kohno Professional-J is built using Solid German Spruce and Solid Brazilian Rosewood tops for the back and sides. These woods come together to give the guitar a powerful sound with powerful bass, rich mid-range response, and crisp highs that float through the air.

Kohno Professional-J comes with a deluxe hard case.

This guitar is handcrafted with extreme precision in Japan. It is characterized by a selection of precious woods and a great love for details. The Kohno Professional J feels very light to the touch and also impresses with its excellent sound, as they are very clear and delicate.

Kohno Professional-J Guitar Specifications:

Although used, this guitar is still in very good condition.

Year 2003
top Spruce
Back & Sides CSA Rosewood
Scale Length 650 mm
Nut width 51.5 mm
finish Lacquer
Country Japan
Luthier Sakurai & Kohno

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