Acoustic Guitar PHX Skill SC-40A, Natural

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic PHX Skill SC-40A, Natural - Việt Music
Acoustic Guitar PHX Skill SC-40A, Natural
Regular price 2.800.000₫
Sale price

Acoustic Skill Guitar SC-40A is a genuine product of PHX brand from Brazil. This is a model for beginners who want to find a quality guitar that is suitable for long-term practice.

Despite the low price, this is a model of extremely good quality, beautiful appearance, very solid hand feeling. Not only that, the guitar is also made of high-quality wood, giving a good sound.

The SC-40A Acoustic Guitar has a top surface made of Spuce wood, which is a very popular wood for making guitars, with the advantage of good sound quality, warm bass and bright, elegant highs. The top surface is covered with a glossy paint to increase the aesthetics and protect the wood inside.

The back and sides of the Acoustic Skill Guitar SC-40A are made of Roswood. This is a premium wood commonly used on expensive guitars. With the characteristic of wide sound range, balanced timbre from bass to high tones, very good reverberation

The combination of Spruce wood front panel and Rosewood side back creates a balanced, powerful sound with solid bass, clear mids and highs.

The keyboard is shaped like a defect that both enhances the aesthetics and helps the user to play high notes easily.

The SC-40A Acoustic Guitar is equipped with an EQ M450-T by PHX company to connect and output sound to the speakers, so you can perform at parties or in front of crowds. The modern EQ line of PHX has many channels to adjust Bass, Treble, Volume, Tuner ... Support for many players. In addition, this EQ set also has a built-in tuner screen to help you align strings easily.

The SC-40A Acoustic Skill Guitar has a size of 40 "so that players can comfortably hold it in their lap when using it, in addition, it is also more convenient when they need to carry it away.

Specifications of PHX Skill SC-40A Acoustic Guitar.

Top material: Spruce wood
Back Material: Rosewood
Side Material: Rosewood

EQ : M450-T
Size: 40 inches

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