Enya EGA-X0 Pro EQ . Acoustic Guitar

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic Enya EGA-X0 Pro EQ - Việt Music
Enya EGA-X0 Pro EQ . Acoustic Guitar
Regular price 5.800.000₫
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Enya EGAX0 Pro EQ Guitar (Size 41").

New standard for beginner players. The best guitar for beginners.

Enya EGA X0 Pro EQ has a Top face structure made of Solid Sitka Spruce solid wood.

EGA X0 Pro EQ is an upgrade of EGA X0 EQ with the use of solid wood on the top instead of HPL laminate like EGA X0 EQ.

With being made from solid wood, the more you play over time, the better the sound of the guitar, moreover, the Spruce wood is characterized by the wood of the softwood family, so it will produce a warm and elegant sound.

The back and sides of the EGA X0 Pro EQ use HPL laminate.

HPL stands for High-Pressure Laminates. This is a type of wood that uses heat and high pressure, along with a special glue to press the wood slices. The product is a piece of wood with a thickness and weight equivalent to a piece of wood. Its advantage is high resistance to different types of weather at a lower price. This technology helps to limit risks during use such as: Water-proof, anti-cracking, anti-broken, warped... This technology also helps the guitar to have a clear sound.

Enya EGA-X0 Pro EQ has built-in EQ T1.

With 3 buttons that allow players to adjust Bass, Treble, as well as adjust the Volume, the reverberation of the guitar. Inside the 3-button EQ, there is also an automatic main adjustment to support you during use.

Enya EGA X0 Pro EQ neck made of Nato wood (Peach).

Needs are processed with state-of-the-art CNC technology, providing precision and efficiency in production and super-smooth playability.

The plus point for the Enya EGA X0 Pro EQ is that the neck uses the 2nd generation BT screw technology, which can be removed, very convenient for traveling or boarding a plane without having to check in, unpack. Solve the problem of broken consignment, you are completely confident to bring your flock to travel comfortably.

Enya EGA X0 Pro EQ with built-in anti-curve adjustment.

Enya EGA X0 Pro EQ keyboard and bridge are made of Richlite material.

Richlite is an extremely flexible and durable material, made from plastic blotting paper. It has good properties like natural ebony while also preventing scratches. The advantage of using Richlite is that it does not warp or deform due to temperature changes.

The company's anti-rust black sill lock set is very smooth to use, holds the wire firmly.

The manufacturer also thoughtfully equips a set of accessories to meet most of the basic needs of users including:

Thick, impact resistant case.

Genuine Enya spare wire, anti-rust, smooth hand press.

Capo, plucked keys, cleaning cloth, tuning fork.

Sturdy canvas strap. The guitar comes pre-installed with 2 steel string pegs.

Enya EGA-X0 Pro EQ Guitar Specifications:

Body Size: 41"

Neck: Nato (C type)

Top: Solid European Spruce

Back/sides: HPL KOA

Fingerboard/Bridge: Black Richlite

Tuning Machines: Custom Black Steel 1:18 Die-Cast

Nut & Saddle: Plastic steel

Frets: 20

Finish: Exquisite Matte

Binding: Edgeless Chamfer craftship

Bolting: Enya BT bolting

Strings: Custom Phosphor Brass Strings

EQ: T1

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