JK Audio B1 Pro Wireless Microphone

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Micro Không Dây JK Audio B1 Pro - Việt Music
JK Audio B1 Pro Wireless Microphone
Regular price 1.990.000₫
Sale price 2.500.000₫

JK Audio B1 Pro Wireless Microphone is one of the mini wireless microphones with compact design, especially high compatibility with home karaoke sets, karaoke on Bluetooth speakers, pull speakers, portable speakers, amplifiers, guitars,..

Microphone JKaudio B1 Pro is highly appreciated, not only has good sound quality but also has a beautiful design and reasonable price that promises to bring interesting karaoke experiences to users.

Compact design.

Micro JKaudio B1 Pro stands out with its durable and sturdy black nano-painted microphone handle, which fits firmly in the hand, warm in winter without worrying about cold hands, cool in summer, less fingerprints. JKaudio B1 Pro enhances the confidence of the singer. Mobility and flexibility are the strengths of the B1 Pro that few wired microphones in the same price segment cannot have.

Echo Pro technology.

Microphone JKaudio B1 Pro is manufactured on the most modern technology line from the UK following the success of previous senior microphone models. The B1 Pro gives a warm, thick voice that reproduces clear, honest vocals, creating a pleasant feeling for listeners and singers thanks to the integrated Pro echo circuit processing system.

On the hand of the JKaudio B1 Pro microphone has built-in buttons for volume, bass, treble, Echo up and down. Power off button. LCD display shows parameters and working mode of JKaudio B1.

Massive Battery Capacity.

The battery capacity of B1 Pro is considered to be quite good for a wireless microphone in the price range. With this capacity, users can freely sing karaoke or MC at outdoor events without worrying about the Micro quickly running out of battery.

Ability to Pair With Devices.

Equipped with a 6-cup jack, the microphone can be easily connected to mechanical, digital, amplifier, and resonant pushers currently on the market. In addition, the company is also equipped with a 3.5mm jack to convert, so users can easily connect to bluetooth speakers with 3.5mm port easily.

The JKaudio B1 Pro microphone possesses highly-rated sound quality in the same segment, with a reasonable price, which is an indispensable choice when choosing to buy a microphone for home, speaker, and karaoke easily right on the device. Bluetooth speaker,...

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