Amplifier Nux AC60 Stageman II Studio, Combo

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Amplifier Nux AC60 Stageman II, Combo - Việt Music
Amplifier Nux AC60 Stageman II Studio, Combo
Regular price 8.500.000₫
Sale price 9.000.000₫

Amplifier Nux AC60 Stageman II.

Natural sound for acoustic guitar and vocals.

Stageman II has 2 channels optimized for acoustic guitars and microphones.

The channels on the Nux AC60 Stageman II give you even more options for performance or studio recording.

Powered by NUX's latest DSP technology, the Nux AC60 Stageman II delivers rich, pure sound with capabilities far beyond its size.

The Nux AC60 Stageman II has versatile outputs for both stage and recording applications, and is designed for your Audio Interface needs. XLR DI outputs and Line output jacks can be used as analog audio outputs for recording or sending to monitors.

To spruce up your custom sound, the Send/Return FX Loop input interfaces with any of your essential effects gear.

High sensitivity speaker system for stage play.

It is never easy to find the ideal speakers for instrument amplifiers, especially for acoustic instruments. After hundreds of times testing speakers from different vendors, Nux finally decided to design its own speakers to capture the desired sound exactly.

Nux succeeded by incorporating two fine-tuned speakers (a 1-inch tweeter and a 6.5-inch woofer) into the Stageman. Equipped with this innovative 2-way high-sensitivity speaker system, the Nux AC60 Stageman II delivers amazingly immersive sound. On top of that, Nux's design features a carefully calculated chamfer to provide the ultimate in live sound tuning.

Impulse feedback (IR) produces the sound of legendary guitar models.

Nux AC60 Stageman II is installed with 8 pulse feedback patterns. Connect the Stageman II to your mobile phone (install the app) to activate/deactivate the IR function.

Each impulse response pattern is optimized for a specific guitar model and pickup type. The IR model names are included in the guitar profile, optimized guitar type, and pickup type.

Built-in repeater and drum.

Nux AC60 Stageman II comes with a dual footswitch, you can easily control the built-in Looper and Drum effects. You can play solo just like with a band!

Stageman II mobile app: 12 effects, 8 IR, and 6 signal block routing.

Nux has also developed a Mobile App for you to control the Nux AC60 Stageman II amplifier with your smartphone.

You can switch the amp's channels and choose to route your favorite signal block for the instrument input. There are 12 effects including Chorus, Delay, Tape Echo, Modulation, Reverb, ... There are 8 IRs that realistically simulate the sound of 8 legendary guitar models. You can control everything, choose any effect you want and adjust the parameters, plus there is more functionality including some exclusive features of the application. Stageman II provides musical sounds that will keep you playing for hours without getting bored.

Alternatively, you can connect your mobile phone to the Stageman II via Bluetooth and play along with your favorite accompaniment.

Nux AC60 Stageman II Amplifier Specifications.

60 watts of power with 1 6.5” woofer and 1 1” tweeter.

2 independent input channels with individually adjustable effects.

Impulse feedback (IR) produces the sound of legendary guitar models.

Drums & Loops.

Play audio via Bluetooth.

Control via free app.

Upgrade features via USB port.

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