Amplifier Aroma ADX-30, Combo

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Amplifier Aroma ADX-30, Combo - Việt Music
Amplifier Aroma ADX-30, Combo
Regular price 3.290.000₫
Sale price

Amplifier Aroma ADX30 for electric drums owns a 30W speaker system.

Excellent sound mixing and amplification features, besides being portable and compact.

Sound system.

The sound system uses Class D technology core, 6.5-inch speakers and 30W speaker power, so Aroma ADX30 delivers very good highs, the bass and mid range are handled quite stably with good quality. good level with mini amp models of the same price range.

Built-in functions.

The controller with Volume knobs and 2 Equalizer knobs will help you comfortably adjust the sound as you like, freely singing with friends. Along with that, the connection ports are simply and beautifully arranged. The ADX30 will be a fairly comprehensive mini electric drum amplifier to meet all your needs.

Built-in Bluetooth for convenient connection

Detailed parameters of Amplifier Aroma ADX30.

Power: 30W

Connectors: 2 3.5mm input ports, 1 6.35mm . port

Sound Effects: 2 Equalizer knobs

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