Recorder Suzuki SRG200 - Student Flute

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Sáo Recorder Suzuki SRG200 - Sáo Học Sinh - Việt Music
Recorder Suzuki SRG200 - Student Flute
Regular price 130.000₫
Sale price 160.000₫

The Recorder Suzuki SRG-200 is the official flute used in the school system in Vietnam.

Perfect sound quality and pitch.

Suzuki Recorder Flute is manufactured using the highest quality plastic material, extremely durable.

Crafted in a computer-designed vacuum die to exacting specifications. The acoustic chambers are sanded and polished. Tested to 20 different standards to ensure each Recorder Suzuki flute is perfect in every respect before being packaged.

Many years of experience.

Today, there are many types of Recorder flutes to choose from and Suzuki has tested them all. But the Recorder Suzuki flute became the industry's leading example of manufacturing excellence. In the opinion of many experts, the Suzuki Recorder Flute has a better sound, easier response, perfect pitch, and great features, making it the best out there of any brand. which brand.

The Suzuki Soprano SRG-200 Recorder Flute has a fingering pattern according to the German system (German style).

Learn more about Baroque and Germanic fingering HERE

Suzuki SRG-200 Recorder Flute Specifications.

Fingering German
Range 8 Holes c2 to d4
Windway Straight
Material ABS
length 320mm
Weight 68g
Accessories Cloth bag, Cleaning rod, Fingering chart

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