Nux Electric Drum DM-8

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Trống Điện Nux DM-8 - Việt Music
Nux Electric Drum DM-8
Regular price 30.000.000₫
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The Nux DM8 Electric Drum is NUX's latest model, using new technology to deliver a true-to-life sound experience.

All drums are equipped with REMO's premium mesh top.

The set is of high quality and features a sturdy stand system that is not only durable but beautiful, packed with great features to give drummers an authentically expressive playing feel.

The Hi-Hat is mounted on a stand-alone stand for a more realistic feel. As opposed to a fixed pad, the hi-hat pad is of high quality and is attached to a motion sensing element and has settings for the hi-hat Open / Closed and Half Open so you can control it. adjust as desired.

12 inch stand-alone snare drum. The snare pad simulates a real snare drum with the rim and case design just like a real snare. 3 acoustic sensing zones let you play techniques from rock/funk/ to latin and are great for ballads or bossa nova. Snare uses the latest in three-point trigger technology, making the sound of each position on the drum more balanced. It also comes with a very stable stand-alone stand, so you don't have to worry about the snare drum moving during performances.

New 10" kick and kick pedals. Newly designed 10-inch independent kick drum that can fully support double pedals. And uses an adjustable elastic mesh material so the user can get a response. desire.

The new kick pedal has a double mechanism and a thicker soleplate. Double chain design makes the swinging machine more stable. The thick base plate prevents the entire pedal from moving freely.


The sound module is equipped with great features.

The newly designed DM-8 comes with 30 high-fidelity self-sampling drum sets of various styles. No matter what style of drummer you are, you can get the sound you want. Intuitive and powerful sound customization features give users the freedom to edit their own drum kit. You can assign any sound to the rim or face of the drum.


The DM-8 module is a recording interface, with the ability to send stereo sound and MIDI data to a computer via a single USB cable. This allows you to record discrete sounds and MIDI drum tracks in any DAW, ortrigger sound in software-based drum instruments for studio or live play.

When you use the DM-8 as an audio interface and record via the DAW, you can split the audio signal into 14 separate tracks, which is very convenient for mixing.


The DM-8 has a brand new function, you can make any sound into a WAV file and put it on a USB flash drive. Then upload the sound to the module. Finally, you can assign this sound to any drum accompaniment to play with.


The DM-8 has a wide range of effects, just go to the menu and select EFFECTS there you will see six effect settings.

Accompaniment and recording.

The DM-8 has a good selection of in-house songs you can play along with, so would you like a bit of jazz or pop in there? You can do this right away and make it much more fun than just playing as you please.

If you want to analyze your workout. You can record your drumming to a USB memory stick or upload your favorite accompaniment and play along with it, save it as a WAV file and from here you'll be able to analyze your playing by Listen to the entire song again.

The AUX IN interface also supports connecting your music playback device. A variety of tuning functions allow you to equalize drum volume and backing tracks directly on the module.

Detailed specifications of the Nux DM8 Electric Drum.

Kit: 12” Snare x 1, 10” Tom x 3, 10” Kick drum x 1, 12” Hi-hat cymbal x 1, 12” Crash cymbal x 2, 14” Ride cymbal x 1, Snare stand x 1 , Hi-hat stand x 1, Kick pedal x 1, DM-8 module x 1

Modular features: Metronome, Coach, Effects, REC, Songs, Bluetooth, USB audio, WAV import, Group fader


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