Electric Drum HXW Avatar SD61-6

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Trống Điện HXW Avatar SD61-6 - Việt Music
Electric Drum HXW Avatar SD61-6
Regular price 12.000.000₫
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The HXW Avatar SD61-6 Electric Drum Kit delivers live sound, sampled from a world-class drum kit.

Every beat is at high speed and accurately responds for the most authentic percussion experience. All drums are mesh and feature Dual-zone.

- 8" dual-zone mesh snare and three 8" dual-zone mesh toms provide a richer sound than single zone drum pads. Made of high density nylon mesh, with adjustable tension, providing high sensitivity and durability.

- Hi-hat 10" dual-zone, Ride 10" dual-zone, Crash 10" dual-zone, all cymbals have choking feature.Dual zone cymbal makes musical performance richer.

- The 8" kick face is perfect for practicing footwork. The sturdy stand ensures a solid stance for a rock and roll track, perfect for practice or performance.

- User-friendly module, simple and intuitive control display, support USB-MIDI interface, AUX input. Includes 347 classic sounds, 25 kits and 15 built-in game modes along the tracks.

- USB-MIDI port. Through the USB-MIDI Port, you can easily connect this electronic drum kit to a computer for use with the software.

- AUX port. Support playing the songs you like by connecting an MP3 player or phone, tablet.

- Headphone output. Connect to an amplifier to show off your skills to friends and family, or connect your headphones to enjoy private gaming.

Specifications HXW Avatar SD61-6 Electric Drum.

Kick Type: 1 x 8" Mesh Pad

Snare (all Mesh): 1 x 8” Dual-Zone

Toms (all Mesh:) 3 x 8” Dual-Zone

Crash Cymbal: 1 x 10" Dual-Zone/Choke

Ride Cymbal: 1 x 10" Dual-Zone/Choke

Hi-Hat Cymbal: 1 x 10" Dual-Zone/Choke

Pedals Included: 1 x Kick & 1 x Hi-Hat

Kits & Sounds Included: 25 Kits, 347 Sounds

Play-along Tracks: 15

USB MIDI Connections: USB

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