Kiwi Speaker XT12

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Loa Kéo Kiwi XT12 - Việt Music
Kiwi Speaker XT12
Regular price 3.800.000₫
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The Kiwi XT12 portable speaker is equipped with a high-powered 12-inch woofer and tweeter for realistic, vivid and crisp sound. The product is designed with a pull handle that is convenient to use and move, both singing and pulling extremely convenient. Kiwi speaker XT12 is used in birthday parties, gatherings, picnics, outdoor activities, family entertainment ...


Equipped with high power 12-inch woofer and tweeter

2 wireless microphones using UHF frequency, with display, up to 30-50m reception distance

Powered by rechargeable battery (can be operated by power adapter or by rechargeable battery)

Equipped with control, can be used remotely, flexibly switch input ports, MP3 recording mode to USB and playback

The 7 buttons on the remote, when pressed and held, create special effects sounds

Diverse audio input ports

6 signal control knobs are equipped such as: volume for music, bass, treble, guitar sound, wireless microphone, echo effect for microphone

LED indicator for battery status

Speaker on/off switch and stage led lights

Set special effects for singing

Microphone priority mode

Karaoke mode, sing directly from USB/memory card.bluetooth

Equipped with a special microphone tray when not in use

Equipped with trolley, wheels and top handle for easy portability


Power 30W

Frequency response: 50Hz – 15kHz

Power supply: Adapter DC 15V – 3A

Battery and capacity: 12V 4500mAh

Connector: Micro/guitar/USB/TF Card/Aux

PCB/circuit/source: Chip PCB, SMT circuit. SMPS . source

Tuning: Music Vol. Bass, treble, guitar vol, Echo & Mic Vol

Digital/Music player: USB/ TF Card/FM/BT/Mp3 REC

Dimensions: 410 x 415 x 715 mm

Weight: 15.2kg

KIWI XT12 Portable Speaker Kit INCLUDES:

01 Kiwi Speaker XT12

02 wireless microphones

01 remote

01 power adapter

01 user manual

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