Kiwi Speaker K6018

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Loa Kéo Kiwi K6018 - Việt Music
Kiwi Speaker K6018
Regular price 6.590.000₫
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Portable speaker pull bass 50 KIWI K6018 - Bluetooth connection.

Using three-dimensional high-mid bass technology, the sound quality is clear and perfect.

Professionally play and sing guitar, bass, electronic organ, drums, saxophone, electric trumpet, street band performance, square dance, outdoor, company meeting, teaching, advertising.

The speaker model is designed by Kiwi with a modern design with a great power level.

Dimensions: 84 (height) x 52 (width) x 50 (deep) cm and weighs 37kg.

Crafted of wood with traditional black tones, it shows the luxury, specifically for high-end speaker models.

The company's logo is engraved on the speaker surface to confirm the brand and help users easily distinguish the real or the fake.

The speaker is equipped with a flexible handle and wheels to make it easier and more specialized to move.

The most modern high-end speaker system includes 50 bass drivers for a large capacity of 100W. The bass and treble system combines well, so there is almost no distortion or sound break when opening the maximum volume.

High-quality anti-rust metal mesh with beautiful patterns and scientific design helps to make the sound better

Realistic output sound, suitable for playing many genres of music such as vibrant or quiet, ensuring all the needs of music players in all entertainment activities.

The speaker adjusts bass and treble separately for both the music and the mic, helping users to adjust the sound quality to suit the space and preferences.

Built-in battery inside the product, with self-protection function when running out of battery, large capacity up to 14A, using time lasts from 4-8 hours depending on different uses. In addition, the speaker can directly use AC 220V or DC 12V DC power to operate and charge, making the fun more endless.

The speaker has the ability to connect to Bluetooth via smart mobile devices, play music via USB, SD memory card ...

The set of 02 microphones has the ability to balance the sound, adjust the howling very well, support the singer to be softer and smoother, the singer can confidently hit the high notes without fear of being exposed.

In addition, the microphone arm can change the frequency to help avoid the possibility of interference when the frequency coincides with other devices, after changing the frequency, just turn off/on the speaker and the speaker and microphone will automatically connect together.

Detailed parameters Kiwi speaker K6015.

Maximum power 1000W

Battery capacity 14Ah

Charging source: AC 220V /DC12V

Connectivity Bluetooth, Memory Card, USB

Jack Jack Guitar, Jack 6.5mm

Bass speaker diameter 50 cm

Number of micro2 wireless microphones

Remote control: Yes

Moving wheel: 4 wheels

Wood speaker cabinet material

Dimensions 84mm x 52mm x 50cm

Product weight 37kg

Kiwi brand Vietnam

Made in China

Warranty 12 months


USB port: USB port to play MP3 music.

TF: MicroSD card slot for MP3 playback.

AUX INPUT: L/R Lotus Jack audio input

AUDIO OUT: Connect to an external amplifier.

GUITAR IN: Guitar jack.

MIC1 IN, MIC2 IN: External microphone jack


Speaker pull bass 50 Kiwi K6018

UHF microphone arm: 2 hands


Power cord

User Manual

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