Melodion Alto Suzuki MX-32D

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Kèn Melodion Alto Suzuki MX-32D - Việt Music
Melodion Alto Suzuki MX-32D
Regular price 650.000₫
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Melodion Suzuki MX-32D An easy-to-learn instrument.

The Melodica Suzuki MX-32D is a simple instrument that beginners or students can both play.

32-key design, suitable for concerts and solo performances, clear, natural and emotional sound, durable and safe plastic material.

The Melodion Suzuki MX-32D has 32 keys like an organ, the way to play is very simple and easy if you already know how to press the notes or play the organ.

Like how to play, the structure of the trumpet is also quite simple, the trumpet design is compact in size, quite light in weight, you can easily carry it anywhere. Includes a trumpet hard case for your convenient carrying.

Melodion Suzuki MX-32D is specially designed to be easy to play, easy to learn.

- 1 short bellows to be able to stand blowing, you can also sit blowing with 1 long wire bellows.

- Short bellows let you play with one hand and play the keys with the other.

- The long bendable bellows allows you to play the melodica with two hands controlling the keyboard.

The sound of the trumpet is sounded long or short depending on the user's breath, whether blowing out the song or not also depends on the buttons on the trumpet, using flexibly between pressing the key and blowing will bring music as desired.

The Suzuki MX-32D melodion comes with a short bellows so you can stand up and blow, but you can also sit and blow with a long stringed bellows.

Model MX-32D
Classify Melodion - 32 keys
Keys Alto 32 keys f-c3
Including Reed Plate, Nickel Plate
Mouthpiece 2 types (RegularPipe)
Case Hard shell
Size 420 x 100 x 45mm
Weight 565g
Fit Children, students
Attached 1 hard box for trumpet

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