D'Addario Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable PW-AGRA

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Dây Cáp Kết Nối D'Addario Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable PW-AGRA - Việt Music
D'Addario Circuit Breaker Instrument Cable PW-AGRA
Regular price 800.000₫
Sale price

With audiophile quality cords, made in the USA. 22AWG oxygen-free copper conductor provides exceptional signal transmission. The signal transmission capacity comes from using 95% pure copper braided wire, eliminating processing noise and eliminating interference.

The D'Addario American Stage Instrument PW-AGRA Connection Cable is designed to reproduce the instrument's natural timbre without interference. Using the finest materials, custom design, and precision American manufacturing methods, American Stage delivers a professional performing cable. The result is pure, natural sound.

  • HelioFused welding provides a bulletproof construction that can withstand the rigors of the stage.
  • The patented Geo-Tip designed by D'Addario works with any jack to give you a secure connection location.
  • Designed to reproduce your instrument's natural timbre without interference
  • Neutrik plugs, made in Liechtenstein, built to a patented design by D'Addario
Headquartered on Long Island (New York), D'Addario is internationally renowned as a string maker and industry standard setter. The D'Addario family of brands has grown into a global leader in musical accessories including D'Addario Fretted Instrument strings, D'Addario Orchestral Strings, D'Addario Woodwind Reeds and Mouthpieces (trumpets and bellows), Promark Drumsticks (drumsticks), Evans Drumheads (drums), and cables, capo, tuner, Planet Waves strap and more.

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