Violin Suzuki FS10

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Đàn Violin Suzuki FS10 - Việt Music
Violin Suzuki FS10
Regular price 5.300.000₫
Sale price

The Suzuki FS-10 Violin is completely finished with natural wood, the entire surface of the instrument is covered with a high-grade glossy paint to create a delicate and attractive look. As a model for beginners, the sound quality and resonance are quite good, the pegs and the tuning buckle create the easiest feeling for the user.


The Suzuki FS-10 Violin has a luxurious design, the top is made of Spruce wood, the back is ebony wood and is completely covered with scratch-resistant glossy paint and is extremely moisture resistant. The keys and pegs are meticulously finished to create the smoothest and easiest feeling when tuning, especially for beginners.


Suzuki FS-10 has a melodious, warm, natural and realistic sound. You can play all kinds of different music from jazz, pop to country music… on your guitar.

Fully equipped with accessories.

The Suzuki FS-10 Violin Kit includes everything you need such as a box, bow, resin, cleaning cloth to help you experience the sound in the most wonderful and simplest way.

Producer by hand.

The Suzuki FS-10 Violin is handcrafted and manufactured by Suzuki's leading artisans, so every product has its own characteristics, giving users a musical instrument of the highest quality.

Details of the Suzuki FS-10 Violin.

Fully carved spruce top

Maple back, neck and scroll.

Inlaid purfling

Metal tailpiece with 4 inbuilt string adjusters

Ebony fingerboard, nut and pegs

Complete with good case, rosin and bow.

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