Yamaha U3M Upright Acoustic Piano - Used

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Color: Polished Ebony
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Đàn Piano Cơ Upright Yamaha U3M - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Yamaha U3M Upright Acoustic Piano - Used
Regular price 62.000.000₫
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The Yamaha U3M Piano belongs to the U series. Born in 1970-1980, this was when Yamaha perfected what a modern piano should be. Powerful, vibrant, elegant sound, beautifully designed.

More importantly, the use of high-grade materials combined with technical workmanship helped the Yamaha U3M Piano surpass all competitors in the mid-range segment available on the market at that time.


With a 131cm high design, it reproduces detailed sound with sharp details and deep bass. Soundboard resonator with sturdy bridge and exclusive wood, turn any space into a professional concert hall.

The sophistication in each design on the Yamaha U3M piano is the factor that helps the U series pianos achieve rich, full sound and better reverb reproduction with balanced timbre across the entire table. keys.

Resonance Board and Back Frame: Yamaha's signature "H" back frame design reproduces a thick and strong piano tone, while supporting and stabilizing the soundboard. Many improvements in soundboard and bridge construction to increase resonance and sound detail.

Improved Hammers: As with other U-series pianos, the Yamaha U3M piano hammer uses special materials selected for each model to produce superb sound, response, and durability.

In addition, the Yamaha U3M also impresses players with its sophisticated, different and outstanding lines with the great sound of a grand piano. Therefore, the Yamaha U3M offers top-notch music quality, suitable for home use, music classrooms, stages and even professional-class studios.


More than 6,000 machine parts are meticulously combined to create the historic value of the Yamaha U3M series, let's take a look at the outstanding technologies and materials used on the Yamaha U3M .

- Spruce Soundboard (Smear wood resonance board).

At Yamaha's factory, spruce is selected with a rigorous process and selects only the best wood for production, the solid spruce texture helps amplify sound and reproduce superb reverberation. .

- Full Length Ribs (long Ribs).

Yamaha further strengthens the soundboard by using Ribs that run along the edge of the soundboard, and are glued to the grooved lining (or inner rim of a grand piano), which helps maintain stability and longevity. herd for hundreds of years.

- V-Pro Plate.

Yamaha uses V-Pro (Vacuum Shield Mold Process) to cast the iron frame (plate). The V-Pro Plates are more powerful and eye-catching.

- Metal Action Rails.

Yamaha engineers have developed a unique technology called Extruded Aluminum Alloy Action Rail that has improved Yamaha Action Piano movements over hundreds of years. This technology helps the herd operate stably in a variety of weather conditions.

- Balanced Action (Balanced mechanical apparatus).

Each Yamaha U3M piano key is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to achieve a uniform "down weight" response. The Action engine plays accurately and uniformly. This balance helps ensure longevity of the touch system and controls through the keyboard

- Uniform Key Travel (uniform key movement).

Yamaha designed all Grand and Upright models with the same key stroke. Regardless of size, all Yamaha models have the same key travel.

Some Preeminent Features On Yamaha U3M.

The V-Pro frame is Vacuum Shield Mold Process (V-Pro).

Trimmed winding shaft with small burrs.

Pinblock exclusively designed by Yamaha.

Solid copper bass strings.

Solid maple bridge.

The horizontal bar of the mechanical movement is made of aluminum alloy.

3 Solid brass pedals with excellent sensitivity.

Specifications of Yamaha U3M.


Height: 131 cm

Width: 160cm

Depth: 65 cm


White key surface: Acrylic

Black key surface: Phenol

Hammer felt: Tightly pressed with premium fleece | Designed with T-fasteners


Resonance board: Solid soundboard, spruce wood

Action: Balanced, good control on the keyboard | Stability over 100 years

Bass String: Solid copper material

Bridge: Solid maple wood

Cutoff bar: 2

External design

Pedal: 3 - Soft, Muffler, Damper

Wheels: Solid brass

Keyboard: Spruce - Spruce (very high stability and sensitivity)

Paint: Polyester surface (Polyester finishes)

Ribs (ribs): Standard lengths connected to the edges of the soundboard

Softfall: External Option

Frame: V-Pro . Design


Mechanical movement crossbar: Aluminum alloy

Climatic conditions: Suitable for many different climates around the world

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