Yamaha JU109 Upright Mechanical Piano - Used

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Color: Polished Ebony
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Đàn Piano Cơ Upright Yamaha JU109 - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Yamaha JU109 Upright Mechanical Piano - Used
Regular price 45.000.000₫
Sale price

The Yamaha JU109 piano is compact and delicate with a clear tone. As a quality model of the company, new in the box, JU109 is the model you should choose to start your "career" of learning piano.

The outstanding features of the Yamaha JU109:

- Compact and elegant design.

With a height of 109cm, the same width and depth of 149 x 54cm, respectively, JU109 has a small, luxurious design with delicate metal contours. This guitar is both a musical instrument and a focal point in your home.

Soft, peaceful sound.

The characteristic height of 109cm gives the JU109 a soft and elegant sound at a moderate volume, suitable for practicing and teaching piano for many hours without affecting hearing.

Invested meticulously and skillfully from the famous musical instrument brand Yamaha, the upright piano JU109 is considered the ideal start for those who want to buy a piano for study or entertainment. .

- Sensitive movement, durable hammer.

The outstanding advantages of the JU109 are outstanding sound quality, good key sensitivity, and quick and standard response when touching the keys. All thanks to the super-responsive action and hammers, the application of advanced Japanese technologies, and the meticulous hands of craftsmen.

Designed and improved with a compact structure, but still optimized key force response and control key response. The strings are held in place by sturdy tuning pegs, providing great strength and precision. The notes in the bass range are designed with an independent string, large in size and coiled by thin copper wires around to help warm, resonant sound.

Various color options for JU1090.

With 4 color options, JU109 gives you many color choices. Each color will have a slightly different price.

With the above characteristics, surely the Yamaha JU109 will more or less leave a good impression in your heart.

Yamaha JU109 Piano Specifications:

Model JU109
Piano cabinet Color Polished White, Polished Black, Glossy Brown, Polished Walnut (Polished White, Polished Ebony, Polished Mahogany, Polished Walnut)
Piano cabinet Finishing class Polished
Size Wide 149cm(58 3/4")
High 109cm(43")
Thick 54cm(21 1/4")
Weight Weight 197kg(434lbs)
Keyboard Number of keys 88

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