Enya Acoustic Guitar EA-X4 Pro Mini EQ

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic Enya EA-X4 Pro Mini EQ - Việt Music
Enya Acoustic Guitar EA-X4 Pro Mini EQ
Regular price 16.000.000₫
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Enya X4 Pro Mini EQ Guitar: Carbon Fiber + AcousticPlus.

X4 Pro (41") and X4 Pro Mini (36")


The top of Enya X4 Pro Mini is made of carbon fiber composite material with 95% purity, which maximizes the vibration energy of the strings into excellent acoustic performance, loud and balanced sound. Not only that, it also gives the instrument an attractive appearance.


Unlike wood, carbon fiber never warps, cracks or scratches, so your guitar will stay stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity.


The AcousticPlus Pickup system on the Enya X4 Pro Mini has been patented.

The Enya AcousticPlus system allows players to add reverb, chorus, and delay sound effects from the instrument itself, without the need for external equipment. This groundbreaking technology takes string vibrations and enhances them to allow players to add sound effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus) from the instrument itself without the need for an effects pedal or amplification, delivering a simple way Simple yet effective for natural sound processing.

All effects are controlled by very simple buttons, giving the player full control even when the amp is not plugged in.

Use a rechargeable battery via a common USB type C port.


The Enya EA X4 Pro Mini guitar's raised neck design releases the pressure on the headboard created by the 14th fret and above. Peak vibration is greatly enhanced, providing better tonal response and dynamic range. The bass will be lower and the treble will be higher.

The Enya X4 Pro Mini guitar neck has an aluminum alloy rod inside for added durability, making it 2x stiffer than a regular wooden neck.


Each Enya X4 Pro Mini guitar comes with a luxurious hard case, leather strap, audio connection cable, and charging cable.

Pre-installed with premium Elixir 16052 phosphor strings and a TUSQ vibration compensated saddle from Graphtech, giving you the best feel and sonic performance.

Enya X4 Pro Mini EQ Acoustic Guitar Details:

Model: EA-X4/EQ Size: 4/4 (41 Inches)
Top: Solid Acoustic Carbon Fiber Back&Sides: Carbon Fiber Composite
Neck: Carbon Fiber Composite Fretboard: Radius (R380) Carbon Fiber
Tuning Pegs: Gold Die-Cast Nut & Saddle: Tusq®
Bridge: Richlite Color: Black
Strings: Elixir® 16052
Nut Width: 1-11/16 Inches
Number of Frets: 20
Scale Length: 25-3/4 inches
Finish: Gloss (top), Satin (Back & Sides)
Weight: 6.3 lbs
Upper Bout: 11"
Lower Bout: 15-3/4"
Electronics: Enya Custom AcousticPlus® Built-in Tuner: Yes

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