Classical Guitar Yamaha GC60 - Used

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Đàn Guitar Classic Yamaha GC60 - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Classical Guitar Yamaha GC60 - Used
Regular price 120.000.000₫
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Yamaha GC-60 Guitar.

Yamaha Grand Concert series guitars.

Combining traditional Spanish manufacturing techniques and the results of research by Yamaha's engineering team, each guitar is a jewel made with carefully selected materials.

The history of the Yamaha Grand Concert line of guitars began in April 1966 in Hamamatsu, Japan, when Yamaha established a division to manufacture and develop classical guitars. In October 1966, Eduardo Ferrer, a follower of the tradition laid down by Antonio de Torres, was invited to Yamaha's factory to train Japanese luthiers. He oversaw the activities of the Japanese master craftsmen here, passing on his working experience to them, teaching them the intricate knowledge of making traditional Spanish guitars.

Eduardo Ferrer did this until 1967, producing some of Japan's finest luthiers. Using the knowledge and skills gained from working with Eduardo, this group of craftsmen have created a line of superb guitars (GC-5, GC-7, GC-10) that they launched in November 2018. 1967. This important event had a strong impact on guitar production in Japan. It inspired manufacturers to conduct research and experimentation regarding acoustics, materials, coatings, how they affect the sound and depth of the guitar's tonality.

In 1972, Yamaha again turned to Spanish experts for help and sent employees to Spain to apprentice with Manuel Hernandez and Eduardno Ferrer (above).

And in 1973, Manuel Hernandez himself went to Japan to produce, together with his Japanese colleagues, he researched and developed a new line of guitars (GC 30A / 30B / 30C) completely manufactured. Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, this guitar was introduced in 1974.

One feature of these instruments is that each model has its own distinctive, recognizable tone.

The flagship model of this new line is the GC 30A . It is built on principles and concepts coined by Manuel Hernandez himself. The GC 30B has a traditional classical Spanish guitar tone. The GC 30C is a development model based on the guitars of Marcelo Barbero.

In 1983 came the development models based on the prototype of this guitar (GC30A / 30B / 30C). The GC 50/60/70 samples are based on the GC 30A . GC 61 is a variant based on GC 30B and GC 62 is a variant based on GC 30C.

Also in 1983, thanks to Manuel Hernandez, a special model was released, based on the prototype of Hermann Hauser instruments - GC 71. This instrument was gifted to Andres Segovia (a famous musician) and has been received his praise, which is a great achievement because Andres Segovia is very demanding and strict with the instruments he uses .

Until 2001, based on the GC 50/60/70 series, the GC 11/21/31/41 models were born.
These guitars were later discontinued in 2012 and replaced by the GC 12/22/32/42 and the top two models, the GC 82C and GC 82S, built on top of the GC 71.
This model name has been retained to this day.

At one time, some models of the GC series were transferred to Taiwan by Yamaha, but connoisseurs did not like this, they preferred Japanese-made guitars.

On the label of each guitar there is an alphanumeric code that encodes basic information about the guitar and where it was made.

The guitars are signed by the artists who make them: Hideyuki Ezaki, Toshio Katoh, Akio Naniki, Naohiro Kawashima, K. Tsuchiya and many more.

Many artists have used Yamaha's Grand Concert series guitars to perform and record albums. Among them are guitar stars of top caliber such as:

Andres Segovia, Spain, GC71, GC70C.

Leo Brouwer, Cuba, GC 30A.

Paco de Lucia, Spain, GC10F, GC30C, GC70.

Alirio Diaz, Venezuela, GC30A.

Shin-Ichi Fukuda, Japan, GC70.

Stepan Rak, Czech Republic, GC-70C.

Of course, the list of artists who own this Yamaha Grand Concert is long. The names of these artists prove the quality and class of Yamaha Grand Concert pianos.

Specifications of the Yamaha GC-60 Guitar.

Produced and signed by: Toshio Katoh

body thickness 94mm to 99mm
front plate german pine veneer
back plate Honduras rose veneer
side plate Honduras rose veneer
rod Honduras mahogany
fingerboard Ebony
lower piece Jacaranda (Brazilian Rosewood)
string length 662mm
Fingerboard width (upper bridge/body joint) 52.5mm/62mm
bobbin YTM-81 (Gold)
Painting Full lacquer coating
string Treble Strings: Augustine Regal / Bass Strings: Augustine Blue Label
accessories hard case

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