Classic Guitar 2021 German Vazquez Rubio Concert 635 SP/MP

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  • Bảo hành 12 tháng.
  • Tặng Bao đàn + Capo + Phím gảy + Ty chỉnh cần.
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    - Khu vực TP.HCM và các vùng lân cận: Miễn phí vận chuyển 10km đầu tiên. Giao hàng trong vòng 02 tiếng.
    - Các tỉnh thành khác trên cả nước: Thời gian giao hàng từ 01 đến 03 ngày.
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Đàn Guitar Classic 2021 German Vazquez Rubio Concert 635 SP/MP - Việt Music
Classic Guitar 2021 German Vazquez Rubio Concert 635 SP/MP
Regular price 198.650.000₫
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2021 German Vazquez Rubio Hauser SP/CO

This is a beautiful guitar that has some unique and striking design elements. The materials are very high quality and a pleasure to look at, including a perfect quarter sawn spruce top, red maple back and sides, as well as a flaming maple neck. Flesh is used in the binding, heel cap and rear center band, framing the guitar beautifully with its contrasting dark brown color.

The neck is meticulously layered with 4 pieces of maple and 3 pieces of palo escrito (with ebony veneer on the front). For this particular guitar, German used his "Elite" shaped top buckle, with a "disappearing" coating on the front veneer. He used beautiful Lacewood for the veneer on the back of the head.

On top of that, there's a subtle use of different colors (blue, green, yellow, red) in the asterisk around the vent, the contour around the top, the line on the tip, the seam. The rear hub contributes to this guitar's unique look. It is equipped with gold Evo keys.

The shellac finish is applied with a level of attention to detail and perfection found in very few manufacturers.

The sound is very responsive and open, the volume is loud and clear. The highs are very clear and full, and the basses are deep with good bounce response. Playability is a dream with very low action and shorter scale lengths (from comb to bridge). It is also equipped with a 20th key for performances that require a high degree of naturalness.

German Vazquez Rubio (also known as GV Rubio) has been making guitars for over forty years and has developed his own signature sound that guitarists love so much.

He was born in 1952 in Paracho, Mexico, where there are countless fine guitarists (most of the best guitars in Mexico come from Paracho). Teacher Rubio first learned to play piano at the age of 11 when he left school to help his seven siblings and work for his uncle Manuel Rubio in his workshop. There, even at a young age, he made a conscious effort to make guitars of a lifetime.

In 1968, at the age of sixteen, he created the first guitar of a high enough standard to be used professionally in concert (hence his label 'desde 1968"). , GV Rubio can learn from various master craftsmen such as Felix Manzanero, Jose Romanillos and Thomas Humphrey, who has now moved to Los Angeles.

Specifications of 2021 German Vazquez Rubio Concert 635 SP/MP Guitar:

Year 2021
top Spruce
Back & Sides Maple
Scale Length 635 mm
Nut width 51 mm
finish French Polish
Country the USA
Condition Excellent
Exchange ExchangePlus
Luthier German Vazquez Rubio

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