Morris W40 1974 Acoustic Guitar - Used

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic Morris W40 1974 - Qua Sử Dụng - Việt Music
Morris W40 1974 Acoustic Guitar - Used
Regular price 16.000.000₫
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Morris W-40 Guitar.

The first Morris guitars were born in 1967, because of inheriting the technology of making instruments from big men like Gibson and Martin, the quality is highly appreciated, Morris brand gradually became famous in Japan and other countries. other family.

Toshio Moridaira, the founder, is the first distributor in Japan to carry both Fender and Gibson lines. In 1964, due to his working relationship with Gibson, Mr. Moridaira had the opportunity to visit the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 1967, he founded the company Morris Guitars, taken from the nickname given to him some time ago. Morris produced replicas based on designs by Martin and Gibson. To this day, Morris' main product is the acoustic guitar.

Moridaira's philosophy has always been to continue the dialogue with artists and to combine the company's expertise in acoustic technology, know-how in wood and electronics to produce the finest quality instruments for its users. .

Guitars from 1975 and earlier are always considered to be the best of the company because at this time Morris is focusing on quality to build the brand. partly due to the depreciation of the yen year by year.

Therefore, you will find square stamps and oval stamps, square stamps are always more popular, if they are original, they have a very high collectible value.

This Morris W-40 guitar was handcrafted in 1974 for the Morris Company by one of the finest Japanese guitar manufacturing groups of the period. Similar in design to the Martin D45 guitar. It offers impressive volume and great feedback. Its sound is extremely rich. The bass is deep but very clean. Trebles are bright, bright but at the same time very sweet. All notes have a unique coloration, clarity and separation.

Morris W-40 Guitar Specifications:

- Top: Solid Spruce Top

- Fret Board and Bridge: Rosewood

- Back: Laminated Brazilian Rosewood and Maple

- Side: Brazilian Rosewood

- Neck: Mahogany

- Year of manufacture: 1974

- Origin: Made in Japan

- Accessories: Hard case

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