Acoustic Guitar Enya Nova Go AI / Novag Go SP1 - Smart Guitar

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic Enya Nova Go AI / Novag Go SP1 - Smart Guitar - Việt Music
Acoustic Guitar Enya Nova Go AI / Novag Go SP1 - Smart Guitar
Regular price 6.000.000₫
Sale price 7.500.000₫

Guitar Enya Nova Go Ai / Nova Go SP1 - Smart Guitar.

Designed to be durable, lightweight with a bright sound tone. This guitar features a weather-resistant all-carbon fiber body.

The difference between Nova Go Ai and Nova Go SP1.

The difference between Nova Go Ai and Nova Go SP1 is the electronic system built into each instrument.

Nova Go Ai is integrated with Enya ES1 smart audio card pickup system. Meanwhile, Nova Go SP1 is integrated with Enya SP1 AcousticPlus® 2.0 system

Basically, both systems have the same features, the main difference is the connection ports. While ES1 has separate connection ports, each port will have its own feature, SP1 integrates the ports together.

Smart guitar.

Enya Nova Go AI is a Carbon fiber smart guitar with built-in Sound Card, effects and Bluetooth connectivity. Enya's newly developed D1 DSP intelligent audio chip and equipped with ES1/SP1 Audio Processing System.

New acoustic carbon fiber material.

With a new breakthrough in materials technology, Nova Go AI uses carbon fiber material, making such a compact acoustic guitar not only light and convenient, but also has a clear and bright sound. Thanks to the technical advantages of carbon fiber materials, the Nova Go AI is the lightest guitar Enya has ever designed.

Easily switch 4 effects with the click of a button.

Each time the button is pressed, the backlight below the button will change to different colors, corresponding to each color will be different effects: Green - Acoustic. Blue - Reverb. Llight Blue - delay. Purple - Merge effects.

Clear sound, strumming, Solo, fingerstyle gives you more playability, more variety of styles, more exciting performances.

Sound effects can be controlled on the phone via the newly developed Enya Music App platform.

Turn into a Bluetooth Speaker.

The Nova Go body is also equipped with a vibration and sound reinforcement module. It can not only make your guitar have reverb and delay effect, but also can connect with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, turn your guitar into a Bluetooth speaker, as well as to play accompaniment.

Just double-click the button to enable Bluetooth music mode, then connect NOVA GO to your device via bluetooth.

Smart Sound Card.

The Nova Go AI/SP1 is a smart guitar with a Sound Card that handles guitar and vocal sounds at the same time. Enya Music App is a smart and creative music software specially created for Nova Go AI, it can be connected with Nova Go AI and open to Nova Go AI a lot of features.

USB OTG connectivity for creativity.

Comes with USB On-The-Go (OTG) connectivity. You can connect it directly to your phone or PC to record any creative ideas you have on your guitar without the need for a Sound card / Audio Interface.

Whenever you get inspired, connect, hit record, then play. As simple as that. And any content you record will be amplified again with the presets you have set up in your APP.

Up to 5 hours of use on a single charge.

Nova Go is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be used for 5 hours on a single charge.

Highlights of Enya Nova Go AI / SP1.

1/2 (35") size carbon fiber acoustic guitar.

Breakthrough D1 DSP chip and ES1/SP1 smart audio system.

Easily switch 4 effects with the click of a button.

Turn into a Bluetooth speaker.

Built-in Smart Sound Card.

Connect to the Enya Music app via Bluetooth.

Use for 5 hours on a single charge.

Metal keys with round head & rounded body.

Various colors suitable for all ages.

Weather-resistant, impact-resistant materials.

Water resistant & easy to clean.

Zero fret design.

Enya Nova Go AI / SP1 Acoustic Guitar Details:

Model: Nova Go AI / SP1 Size: 35" (1/2)
Top: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate Back & Sides: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Fretboard: Radius (R380) - Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Neck: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Tuning Machine: Black Diecast Nut & Saddle: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Bridge: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate Strings: D'Addario® EXP16
Finish: Satin Nut Width: 1-5/8”
Scale Length: 23-1/8"
Total Length: 35"
Weight: 3.7 lbs
Number of Frets: 20
Lower Bout: 11-3/4"
Body Depth: 2-7/8"
Bluetooth® (AcousticPlus®): V5.1
Electronics: AI: Enya ES1 Smart Audio System / SP1: Enya SP1 AcousticPlus® 2.0
Battery: 2600 mAh/3.6v

Please refer to 2 other outstanding smart guitar models: Enya Nexg 2 and Lava Me 3

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