Amplifier Mooer Hornet 30 White, Combo

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Amplifier Mooer Hornet 30 White, Combo - Việt Music
Amplifier Mooer Hornet 30 White, Combo
Regular price 4.000.000₫
Sale price

The MOOER HORNET 30 is a 30 Watt guitar amplifier with a variety of digital amp samples, built-in effects, and a variety of tools to speed up your practice sessions.

There are 9 models of MOOER digital amp models along with a wide range of built-in effects and I/O options. There's also an 8" speaker, perfectly tuned to deliver great tone with great sound. Great bar in such a small device.

The HORNET 30's ultra-small size makes it portable, while its classic design ensures it fits in any space.

The HORNET 30 amplifier allows users to connect their favorite equipment via Bluetooth or through the auxiliary audio input. This amp also has a headphone jack to keep things quiet, without disturbing those around you as you practice.

*Mooer Hornet 30 has 2 colors Black and White. Each color has 9 different amp models.

Hornet White has 2 clean channels, 3 OD channels, 2 Hi-Gain channels, one bass guitar and one acoustic guitar.

1. Clean.1: Crystal clear clean of a vintage 1965 85W American combo

2. Clean.2: The clean tone of an amp that features California's signature "5-band EQ"

3. OD.1: Overdrive channel of a famous amp made to reproduce tweed tone in the 90's

4. OD.2: UK "plexi" overdrive that became the face of rock sound in the 60's and 70's

5. OD.3: Overdrive from a boutique amp with a workshop in Roart Park, near Toorok, California, USA

6. Hi-Gain.1: The distortion sound of a modern British amp from the 90s

7. Hi-Gain.2: A high-gain drive tone of an amp featuring a Californian 5-band EQ.

8. Bass: "751" amp sound that combines a vacuum tube preamp, MOSFET, and discrete power amp

9. Acoustic: Mooer original acoustic tone


30-Watt amplifier with custom 8-inch speaker.

9 high-quality digital amp models based on popular guitar amplifiers. Hornet White features bass amp model.

Built in Modulation, Delay and Reverb effects with independent tap tempo for both modes of operation (Live/Preset).

Store and recall up to 9 presets.

Precision tuner.

Bluetooth and auxiliary audio connectivity.

Dedicated headphone output.

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