HyVibe Acoustic Guitar THV20DCE

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Đàn Guitar Acoustic Lâg HyVibe THV20DCE - Việt Music
HyVibe Acoustic Guitar THV20DCE
Regular price 31.500.000₫
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Sign HyVibe THV20DCE.

By combining revolutionary smart technology with an affordable guitar, the Lâg HyVibe THV20DCE dramatically expands the sonic possibilities and performance for guitarists of the modern age.

The second edition of the THV Series offers all guitarists an open avenue to explore all the possibilities the HyVibe system has to offer. The guitar features a solid Engelmann Spruce top, renowned in the guitar world for its combination of power and elasticity that translates into a full and rich tonal range. The THV20DCE allows for every playstyle from strong to delicately soft. Its signature thin neck makes the guitar even more versatile. All of these specs combined with specially selected Ovangkol back and sides create a guitar that is not only visually appealing but also has a wide and precise tonal range.

Built-in features:

- Self amplification

- Built-in effects

- Built-in repeater

- Bluetooth speaker


The HyVibe system comes with a ton of different features that will help you dive deeper into your sound:

- Built-in FX processor with 8 generated sound effects including reverb, chorus, delay, tremolo, distorsion and more!

- Looper function.

- The HyVibe mobile app allows you to create custom patterns by combining multiple effects and fine-tuning more parameters than just the guitar.

- Bluetooth speaker function with Hi-Fi quality sound.

- Standard input and output jacks.

- Lithium battery lasts more than 10 hours of playtime.

- USB-C fast charger included.

Play in the background, create your own effects with the mobile app, use the repeater to work on new solo tunes, and more.

This guitar will inspire you to play more.

Detailed specifications of HyVibe THV20DCE Lag Guitar.

- Top: Solid Engelmann Spruce

- Back & Sides: Ovangkol

- Bridge: Brown Brankowood

- Category: Steel String Shaped Body Electric-Acoustic

- Colors: Natural

- Cover/case: Cover

- Cutaway: Yes

- Dimensions (mm): 1120 x 485 x 190

- Electronics: HyVibe System

- Fingerboard: Brown BrankoWood

- Finishing: Glossy

- Format: Dreadnought

- Hardware: Satin black

- Nbr of strings: 6

- Nbrs of frets: 20

- Neck: Khaya

- Nut: Black graphite wedge

- Nut Width: 43 mm

- Original Strings: Bronze 80/20 Light 12-53

- Radius: 350 mm

- Scale (mm): 650 mm

- Strings: Metal

- Truss Rod: Double-action

- Tuning pegs: Die Cast

- Types of frets: Medium Silver Nickel

- Additional Specs:

HyVibe system:

- Multi-effets (reverb, chorus, delay, octaver, tremolo, phaser, distortion...)

- Acoustic Looper

- Bluetooth speaker (stream directly from your phone through your guitar and play along)

- Metronome

- Download the mobile app to go further with your guitar.

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